Help me solve a lyrics mystery?

Hi all! I’m a music lover and listen to a lot of Japanese music, so I read and translate (on a very amateur level) song lyrics a lot. Since I’m not nearly competent enough in Japanese to transcribe a song by listening to it, I rely on the internet to find the original lyrics instead.

I’m really into the song “かくれんぼ” by batta right now, and I’m having a lot of trouble finding the lyrics. I’ve finally found them on a few sites, but they don’t seem… right. Just comparing what I’m hearing with what I’m reading, it seems like an entirely different song.

The song: かくれんぼ - YouTube

The supposed lyrics: batta - かくれんぼ lyrics |

Anyone able to help me figure out what the heck is going on here? My Google skills have failed me. :cry:


That’s a cool song, thanks for mentioning it here!
But unfortunately you’re right, the given lyrics on the page don’t match what he sings. :cry:
I tried to find better lyrics but did not succeed either…

is this song on spotify? Because when you play it on smartphone, it shows the lyrics. At least all japanese bands I listen to, they all appear with lyrics.

Yes, it is on spotify, but it does not show me the lyrics - do I need to enable this somehow?
If you’d like to double-check, the artist is called batta and the song is called Kakurenbo on spotify.

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this one?

just default settings, never did anything else.

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Ok so this is very interesting. I’m on an iPhone so maybe that makes a difference? Need to investigate this further, thanks for the info!

Regarding the lyrics, that’s the same as what you can find behind the link in the OP. And I’m pretty convinced that’s not what the guy is singing… :thinking:

Yeah, those aren’t the right lyrics. That’s all that you can find online and they’re incorrect.

I can try to transcribe them right now, but I’m gonna have some trouble with some of the parts

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Maybe we can try to figure it out together? Some parts are quite well understandable but it’s a bit more troublesome during the refrain… I’ll turn this post into a wiki so you can add what you can understand, and I can check back again tomorrow (need to go to sleep soon)

かくれんぼ Lyrics:

改札を出れば 雑踏
見世物みたいなアルコールで 追うんだ

もう見えなくなってしまった 情熱
全部 知ってたんだ



雑踏 残像 脳内 廃墟
感情 雑音 イヤホンで塞げない

雑踏 残像 脳内 廃墟
感情 爆音 イヤホンで塞げない





Huh, I also use Spotify and I’ve never seen that lyrics feature either, on iphone nor android. I’ll have to investigate that later.

Thank you very much for confirming the lyrics are off. I was getting worried I was either going crazy or my Japanese was way worse than I thought it was! I wonder where they came from? Probably a different song of the same name, I’d guess.


That’s the most likely explanation, I think.

Awesome, thanks so much! I’m at work so won’t be responding for a while, but will take a crack at it when I have a chance. :blush:

for this one it is wrong then

for larc en ciel, rip slyme and others they all work fine for me. This screenshot is from android version.

I transcribed (I’m sure very badly) a bit up to the first chorus hoping to find the song misnamed but no dice.
I’ll start off @nicolerauch’s wiki though if anyone wants to amend or add, feel free!


I’ll contribute what I can, but the アルコール part really throws me off.

Yeah it sounds something like アルコールで追うんだ but not sure if that makes sense.

Last line is 君を探して見つけて無くして I think.

EDIT: I’m pretty sure I have the alcohol part correct, since 追う can mean to drive off. In this case driving off the images (with the fakelike alcohol).

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Heh I thought it’s アコーディオンだ :flushed:

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アルコール’s closer than what I got! I think I dropped the あ and was somewhere in “cordelia??” land…

Nicole’s guess 偽物みたいな アコーディオンだ actually sounded impressively right to me, although it did make me wonder what the heck a counterfeit-looking accordion (??) would be…
Maybe he’s comparing crowds of people flowing through turnstiles to the way an accordion breathes? I’m trying to see the picture of the whole thing he’s talking about.
On the other hand listening back it does sound like で追うんだ… but I’m even less clear what 偽物みたいなアルコール would be…

That confused me so much since there’s definitely an R in there :sweat_smile:

I think it’s something like cheap knock-off alcohol etc. since it’s so bad? Or maybe it has some deeper meaning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Pretty sure it’s 見世物(みせもの), not 偽物(にせもの). Chasing, following something freaky by the smell of alcohol maybe?