Lessons not coming quick enough in level 3

I have now been 3 days into 0 lessons since I started all level 3 radicals and the few kanji I had. I will soon guru all the radicals and get the rest of the kanji but then I most likely will have no vocab to do and (I believe) I only progress to next level when I guru’ed all the kanji as well.
I didn’t find a way to choose which lessons you want to do so when I had vocabulary left I could not spare those and then do the radicals and kanji first to make sure I guru’ed those before I was done with all the vocab in level 2.

I was wondering if this is going to be problem in the higher levels? I am doing 18 lessons every morning. I know that there are way more vocabs in every level after 2 so I just wanted to make sure how to counter this problem if it’s still going to be there when I get the subscription.

You will not experience the true pain of WaniKani until you hit your first burn reviews, approximately six months after joining the site, presuming you maintain your current pace. Because of how the SRS works, you are not even doing master, enlightened, and burn reviews, because you simply haven’t hit those intervals yet.

Your workload will increase substantially not just as you reach new levels but particularly as you reach new SRS intervals. At Level 10, I have 468 reviews expected over the coming week, or about 67 per day. Since this is my second time through WaniKani, I know that this is a light review burden compared to what comes later. I haven’t even hit enlightened and burned reviews yet.

Eventually you will have so many reviews that you will willingly choose not to do new lessons simply because there’s too much material in the system already. Because of how the SRS works, it’s a slow burn to reach that point, but I assure you that day will come.


When you level up you first get the vocab for the kanji you gurud on the last level. Then you get radical lessons, kanji lessons and finally more vocabulary lessons.

This is indeed how it’s going to be also moving forward. There are user scripts that you can install, which allows you to tweak the ordering of lessons. I’m not a user of them, so I can’t recommend them (there is also the issue of overusing them and getting into problems later with too many reviews).

But, as @BreadstickNinja mentions, the lack of stuff to do is mostly because you’re early in the SRS-process. As you get items up to Master and Enlightened, they will come back at intervals when you already have new items to review. In other words, you’ll be plenty busy keeping up with your reviews at that point. ^^

And any spare time you get, you should consider using to study other aspects of Japanese, such as grammar, particles, conjugation forms, counters, keigo.etc. Or you might wanna take time to read, practice listening or talking. I’m sure you’ll find something worthwhile to spend time doing. :slight_smile:

If you do feel the need to change the ordering of lessons…this is how you do it:


Ah, the good old days. lol


I’ve been doing 10 kanji or 20 vocab per day since about level 10 or so, and at this pace I almost never run out of lessons.

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Ok I see.
I hope and expect to stay on the grind… Also if I’m not good at getting my goals finished I’m sure wanikani will help me

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It’s great to have you here!

If you haven’t already check out the Forum Guidelines and the Wanikani User Guide .
There’s also tonnes of things on the forums to help you on your way such as The guide, The Ultimate resource list, and API and Third Party Apps.

If you have any questions, check out this thread; but if this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to create a thread like you’re done here, or email The Wanikani staff.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!


Just keep at it :slight_smile:
It can be a little frustrating in the beginning, especially because you’re filled with a lot of that beginner excitement (I know I was, at least). But I remember reading in the WK e-mails and here on the forum to have patience, that the workload would pick up after a few levels and it did! Now I’m at a place where I have to pace the lessons not to feel too overwhelmed with reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Welcome to the Wanikani community! I hope you stick around

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Yeah I expected so, just making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong at least xD

Thanks, dude and I hope I do too. It was been way easier and faster and 2 weeks earnt me probably more knowledge than a couple of months on Anki. I’m so happy to have found WaniKani, especially when the community is so great.


Yes! I came for the kanji, i stayed for the wonderful community :slight_smile:


I wasn’t doing something wrong at least

There is ONE thing I think you can do wrong… and that is doing all of the lessons in a sitting if you are not prepared for the Hell that awaits come review time.

I made this mistake - the lessons were there! I needed to do them! My brain wouldn’t let me leave them there!

I regretted it. The problem is that all those things come back as reviews. If you manage to get 50 lessons right today and each time they pop, you will get 50 more EVERY time they should be studied. Then you start missing some and it mixes in with the OTHER days you finished 50 lessons and you will start getting these massive tidal waves of reviews. And when that happened to me, even though I thought I managed to time it right, I got discouraged but kept at it.

Now what I do is:

Use a script when I level up and immediately study JUST the radicals and JUST the new Kanji, not the vocab from the previous level. This allows me to keep the leveling up more consistent.

For the lessons that pop on a new level, I do 15-20 a day. Since the worst I’ve seen so far was 80, this is enough time to get 80 knocked out before I level up the radicals and get another set of Kanji and vocab. By time I level up, the vocab that popped with the new level are in review and then I focus again on the new kanji using the script. Once I have them 3 dots or so in the review process, I start the next set of 20 lessons until I clear lessons out.

My worst review day was 240 because of my stupidity in knocking out 75 vocab lessons in a day. And I regret that as well because these are the kanji I am now struggling to remember when they are up for reivew.

I guess there is another mistake you can make: quit.
And if you ever get to the point you feel like you want to quit, you hit a wall, or anything like that, stop in. This community is awesome and will help pick you up, put you on your feet, help get you back on the path!



I did this for the first few levels too, and the first few days after a level up just had a massive pile of reviews to plow through. On my worst day I had 310 reviews to do. I stopped doing everything at once two levels back and I’ve already noticed just how much easier it is to get through reviews now that I don’t have sessions with a hundred new items to plow through, it also seems to help my accuracy a lot.

I just hit the stage where the first enlightened reviews started coming in, and I can still see the remains of the first levels in the certain spikes I now get. So I can definitely second spreading the lessons out a bit. Managing the lessons as early as possible will most certainly help you later on when you hit that next stage of reviews.

And like the others mentioned, if you ever run into anything, just come over to the forum, there’s always someone here willing to help.

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So to make sure I’m right, when you level up you do the radicals and kanji to unlock next level and when you’re with those and waiting for radicals to guru and kanji to guru, you do the vocab in level before that you have spared for a bit?
So you’re basically always 1 level of vocab behind?

If so, I’d like to try that out and know how to get that script (and how scripts work on wanikani)

I must warn you. While it may seem slow at start, the amount of reviews and lessons and stuff you need to learn grows up enormously. Appreciate the slow beginnings as you will miss it.

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You’re right. Its mainly cuz I have 2 hours a day of bus time to burn and I’m only using like 30-60 min og that.
But I will be patient.

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Wanikani lures you in and it all seems so gentle and nice and fun.

Around level 10 it started getting more and more work, it’s a real uphill battle for me at the moment. I’m right now gridining down 200+ reviews, if I miss reviews one evening, that happens.

So to make sure I’m right, when you level up you do the radicals and kanji to unlock next level and when you’re with those and waiting for radicals to guru and kanji to guru, you do the vocab in level before that you have spared for a bit?
So you’re basically always 1 level of vocab behind?
If so, I’d like to try that out and know how to get that script (and how scripts work on wanikani)

The way it works for me is like this:

I level up
I get a block of lessons (seems to be anywhere from 40-90 new reviews)
With the script I use, I put radicals and new kanji first… generally this is 20-30 of the new lessons
After I level those up, I begin doing a minimum of 20 new lessons the next day or 2 days later
Since it takes me about 4 days to get to the next SRS level for the radicals/Kanji I learned, I try to make sure to zero out all the lessons over those 4 days
After the 4th day I get the new radicals and kanji up to Guru, which opens up new lessons of Vocab and Kanji
I then learn the kanji right away with the script and leave the new Vocab (can be 60-90 of new lessons in my experience) to start the following day or 2

I always ensure I have 0 new lessons when I know I will guru radicals and kanji and if I don’t, I knock them out as quickly as possible.

If you want to try it this way, you need to first install TamperMonkey. Do a search for TamperMonkey add on for your browser of choice and get it from the official Chrome or Firefox add on “store.”

Next you want the WaniKani Open Framework.

Once you have the Framework installed, I use WaniKani Lesson Filter to filter the lessons to give me radicals/kanji first.

There are a TON of useful WK scripts besides just this one and I would encourage you to look through this thread to find the ones that are useful to your method of study.

Good luck!

Thanks I will try it out.

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