Can't move to next lesson?


I seem to be stuck on the radicals for two days now. I am using the free version. Does anyone know how to get more lessons?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Read the FAQ and Wanikani Guide. They are really helpful in a variety of ways both for navigating this site in particular and Japanese in general as well. But as a short answer (not permission to not read) you have to go through a certain number of SRS cycles and get it right every time before new things unlock. So, basically you just have not been in that level long enough. (vocab for a level unlocks after the kanji and radicals composing it are guru level). Really, just read the FAQ and Guide. It will make everything much simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Link to the Guide.

That’s what I read but it didn’t mention how many you have to do it (unless I missed something). Is it a points system? Does each correct review give you a certain number of points? Or is it just hidden from us?

Every word in your reviews has its own “SRS cycle”. There’s specifics, like certain types of reviews are different, but the gist is if you get the meaning (and, when you get to the kanji and vocab, the reading,) right, it goes up one SRS level, and if you get it wrong, it goes down an SRS level. You must get every radical in your level to at least the “guru” level of SRS, which takes approximately one week (assuming you get every radical’s meaning right every time the second it appears in your review queue), to unlock more kanji/vocab and to level up.

but also, this.

Just read the entire guide , honestly it explains it better than anyone here can.

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Though it’d be nice if they updated the FAQ and Guide with the accurate level-up timelines. The general concept hasn’t changed, but the details have changed.

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Maybe some sort of FAQ -screen could pop up the first time you open the forums. It would probably lessen the amount of posts like this.

That could work though there’s already a link to the guide and faqs at the top of the dashboard when you’re a new user. It’s surprising that more people don’t read it- not particularly hard to find…

The first time you enter the forums there be a popup where you have to check a box testifying that “I have read and agree to the the FAQ and Guide


From the FAQ…

I just finished my lessons. Why do I have to wait?
WaniKani has a very specific order. Each item builds upon a previous item, which means in order to unlock new things you must know everything before it. Because of this, the beginning can seem pretty slow. You’re building up a foundation.

In order for the SRS to be effective, you have to wait between reviews. Our goal is to make you review something right before you forget it as this is builds a stronger memory. The first set of radicals will probably take you 2-3 days (or less) to finish if you do your reviews on time. After this, you’ll unlock kanji. Then, the kanji should take around 2-3 days to complete. This adds up to a little less than a week of study time to complete the first level.

By the time you reach Level 2 or Level 3, the speed will begin to pick up. This slow start is making sure that you’re ready for the later, more difficult material. Think of it like a filter. If you don’t have the patience to get through the slower starting levels, maybe you don’t have the patience to learn all the kanji. Language learning is very long-term, after all.

From the Guide…

you have to get that one radical up to “Guru” level (that’s ~4x correct in a row)

In case you do not have the time to read the full things now, here are some relevant quotes above…definitely go read the full things thoroughly later though. Good luck with wanikani. It has been great to me so far. And do not get the wrong idea, this is a nice community, and we are trying to be helpful, not mean. The guide and FAQ are really essential to function properly on wanikani…

Also…here is a fun little piece of tech that can calculate the fastest you can finish a level assuming you get everything right and can keep track of what your pace has been like so far…wkstats Thanks for this gem @rfindley


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