What Next/Not getting any new lessons

Hi so I just finished the first radical review test on WaniKani which went over all the radicals except the last one. What do I do now because it’s not giving me any new lessons.

You have to take those radicals to Guru to unlock new content, it will take you around 2-3 days (can’t remember the exact review times), you need to do 4 correct reviews in a row to take them to guru, then you’ll get kanji that have that radicals in your lessons.
Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty lessons in a few weeks.

Ee sorry what is Guru?

Each item has to advance to different levels, you’ve got apprentice from 1 to 4, then Guru 1 and 2, then master, enlightened and burned. Supposedly, when you burn item it means you have really learnt it and it is strongly fixed in your memory.

These topics get to me every single time.

@Avin read the unofficial FAQ that is pinned on these forums :sweat_smile:.

Ohh, okay thank you.

You might benefit from checking the user guide that tells you more about SRS as a learning method:

And the specific details about Wanikani’s SRS stages.

Good luck with your studies! ^>^


Ah alright I’ll do that thank you for the help!