[Userscript] WaniKani Stroke Order - Kanji alive videos in WaniKani!

Hello! I made a super simple userscript that pulls stroke order videos from Kanji alive and shows them above the vocabulary/kanji/radical cards in WaniKani’s review cards.
It is similar to this userscript, however, this script uses videos from Kanji alive.
Before using this userscript, you need to obtain a Kanji alive API key from here. The script will prompt you for the API key on first use. It stores the API key in the localStorage after that.


The script should automatically display all kanji videos above the kanji, however if it doesn’t play automatically, you can click the video to restart it.


Get the script here!

Click the above link, then click the “Install” button on OpenUserJS! This script uses a userscript manager, a popular one being Tampermonkey. Make sure you have one of those installed first.

GitHub repo

This is my first post on the WaniKani community as well as my first WK userscript. I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know of any issues/suggestions!


This is a pretty nifty idea. I’d have only 2 things to remark:

  1. I’m not sure the average WaniKani-er would want to sign up for a site just to use a userscript (I’m talking about the process of getting the API key from kanjialive.com)
  2. The positioning and size might need a bit of work. If someone reviews from mobile it might not look so good.

Otherwise it’s a pretty useful thing to have, good job :+1:


It’s a pretty good script. However, I made a few changes to it -

  1. Changed the location of kanji from top to side of the WaniKani kanji.
  2. Changed the size of kanji to make it of the same size as WaniKani kanji.
  3. Added a time gap between animation loops to make it easier to visualize.
    Since I don’t have the required Javascript knowledge, I couldn’t add it to the lesson part which I wanted to, so it’s only available in reviews.
    Link - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/416014-wanikani-stroke-order

If you feel I am violating your copyright by posting your script please let me know, I will immediately delete it. Also if you are a user on this website it has the option of adding an author, which can be done.

I have updated a few things -

  1. Corrected Kanji Position on the page, for when it shows multiple kanji.
  2. Added animation to all the kanji it displays.