Konnichiwa! ✨ An intro (and Questions about why Leveling is so slow? also, how to Unlock more lessons?)

JK, congratulations!


Thank you! :wolf::sparkles:

And RysingDragon beat me to it, but yeah that guide written by @jprspereira is awesome and comprehensive in explaining how to level at an effective pace ^^

For me, and as mentioned in that guide, I use the reorder script to prioritize the new unlocked radicals and kanji so that I can do those lessons first and get them into my review queue, then I split up the vocab lessons over the remainder of the level (i.e. I always make sure to do all my vocab lessons before the next level up). Then I try to do the reviews for those radicals and kanji as soon as they’re available (for max leveling speeds)

As you keep leveling, you’ll find that you get better at learning Japanese, and learning the new kanji and vocab will become easier! But don’t worry about “going fast”, as long as you’re moving forward at a pace comfortable to you, you’re doing incredible progress in my books ^^


Welcome to WK! Please make sure you read the FAQ and Guide since there’s a lot of good info there for new users.


For real, congrats on your beautiful eternal golden banner!!!



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Oh wow thank you! Those links look super helpful, I can’t believe no one linked them to me yet!! D;

Heheh, thank youuu! You’re 2/3 of the way there yourself, I’ll be seeing you there, ね!^^ :yellow_heart::durtle_yellow_rodent::sparkles:


Thank you! I think part of the problem is the time I do my reviews. I did recently get the reorder script for the start of level six and it is nice. Anyway congrats again! :wolf:


Well I believe in you! :wolf::+1: You’ll flip the numbers of your current level around before you know it :sunglasses::sparkles:


those 3d10hr levels… i did 46 alone at max speed, and then faced with like 200 lessons i couldn’t imagine keeping up that pace. let alone waking up in the middle of the night for some of those… @_@

welcome to the forumcongrats!


Can you give any advice as far as the 3 day levels go? I just hit 49.

And I agree with @bblum I did level 46 fast. And then on 47 on 炊 and put COOKING instead of COOK and pressed enter too fast right when it was going to GURU and messed up my streak. I was so angry. Haha.

It’s so stressful making sure you’re right every time and getting your reviews done.

Also how did you handle the wave of reviews piling up?


Way to slay the CrabiGator Dragon!



It was no easy feat, but now I’m the [redacted due to risk of leak of confidential level 60 info]! ^^

I see you’ve been fighting bravely as well, I’ll see you on the other side soon enough :crabigator::sparkles:


It was definitely pretty crazy the first couple times around, but tbh you just get used to it! I kinda don’t remember what it was like not going at this 3 day pace, it kinda took over my life for a bit there :laughing: but thank you! All that matters is that you make it to 60, I’ll be seeing you there! ^^


So very awesome! you made it! And soooo quickly. You did like, 10 levels in the space of one of mine!


Congratulations! I’m pretty new, so we’ve never met but I’ve seen you around all over the polls! Great determination! おめでとうございます🎊


Yes of course! You really do adapt as you go, it was pretty crazy at first and it made my head hurt sometimes (especially because I started off the fast levels having to do lessons and reviews at late hours), but once you get going it becomes a habit and suddenly I barely even needed to do much with the mnemonics to remember things. Our brains are pretty cool!

So my method was of course using the reorder script to do the radicals and kanji lessons first, and I tried to pre-study the kanji if I had the time so that when it did come time to level up and do the new lessons within that hour, I was pretty prepared already and finished the lessons pretty quickly

Then, I split up the vocab lessons into morning and night sessions in an amount that would make sure I cleared them with good time before the next level up. The vocab lessons ranged from 70-120, the average being more around 90ish I’d say, so for example I’d probably do like 10 the same day as my level up and after the radical/kanji lessons, then do morning and night sessions of 20 up until the next level. That type of thing ^^ (depending on how many vocab lessons there are)

So in this case, I would definitely recommend using the ignore script or double check script to your advantage — sure the word wasn’t perfect, but in my opinion, that’s acceptable and not worth ruining your streak! (as long as you make sure to learn from it of course) — It can be intimidating trying to get it right every time, but if you take a little bit of time with extra caution and don’t rush, I think it’ll work out just fine ^^

Heh not gonna lie, this was pretty hard some days, especially when I was feeling tired and not particularly motivated on a day when I had an onslaught of master and enlightened and burn reviews all at the same time, easily adding up to the 300-400 range :see_no_evil: in those cases, I just did a little bit here and there to get myself back in the groove, reminded myself of my determination to be doing this, and then did it. It can feel pretty difficult, but in the end it’s very worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

And honestly, you just kinda get used to the higher review piles. 200 became a norm, 300 seemed very doable, and suddenly 400-500 doesn’t even sound that intimidating anymore :eyes: it becomes a habit!

I hope that helped a bit, welcome to the Realm of the Fast Levels, you can do it!! :durtle_noice: looking forward to seeing that golden badge on you! :crabigator::sparkles:


Thank you so much for the advice! I already have the Ignore script so really it was me pressing enter too fast twice.

Thanksfully Spring Break coincides with the fast levels so I should have quite a bit of free time!

Looking forward to joining you all at 60! :slight_smile:

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Hahah I gotcha now, I’ve done that plenty of times too :roll_eyes::sweat_smile: but then I found the double check script, which lets you not only ignore typos and things, but there’s a time delay that prevents you from being able to immediately move forward to the next item after inputting an incorrect response, it takes a couple seconds — maybe you should check it out! ^^

And that’s some great timing, it seems like the Crabigator is in your favor :grin: see you there! :sparkles::six::zero::sparkles:


Your puns are incredible, you’re always making things fun and lively and now you’re golden, too.

How does it feel to know you’re A Boss™ :microphone:

Oh also,


THANK YOUUU! :eye::sparkles:

Haha! It’s pretty incredible looking back to when I just started, I would draw all the radicals and kept the notes in my pockets, trying to review randomly here and there, not quite fully grasping the wild kanji ride I was in for – and then seeing where I am now, thousands of items later. It’ll be here before you know it! Keep on keeping on ^^


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Darn it! I should have screenshoted it at 9!!