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I need something to emulate a set of kanji flashcards that I could use for reviews of both meanings and readings. There must be no SRS, all cards should be available immediately and reviews should be random, with card set free to be modified. Basically I need to work on kanji from earlier levels of WK before JLPT as I seem to have forgotten some of them. Can Anki do this (and how?) or is there a better alternative?

Hiii!! I have a flashcard app on IOS called Flashcards Maker, and I think it will suit your needs well! You can create folders for flashcards, set the language for the front and back of the card (there’s 30 languages), set the color of the cards, search for cards outside of the folders, write memos (notes) for the cards, set filters for decks that shuffle/alphabetize/flip the order/etc of the cards, and there’s a quiz function where you can set which folder(s) the randomized questions are pulled from. It’s simple and free (there’s a premium version but I don’t know the benefits), so you might like it! I don’t think there’s a desktop version, but it is on Google Play!

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Try Kanji Tree. I think it meets all of your criteria.


You could just use the Self-Study Quiz.


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