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Hi, I currently use the memrise app for learning vocabulary using community created decks but I’d like to make my own deck. I’ve heard this is really laborious. Is there any other third party apps that will create a deck from a word list and have the same features as memrise app? I like how you have to enter your response just like WK rather than just self check. I also like the audio. I use memrise only for vocabulary and not for Kanji (because I think it is bad at testing for Kanji)

I use my phone for my study and even more ideally i’d like to be able to create my deck using my phone but I can get PC access for a little while if needed. I just don’t want it to take too long to create. My first deck will contain around 200 words.

I don’t mind paying for a subscription if it has ease of use. Any suggestions?


Shamelessly going to plug my website here:

You can try Kitsun which has dictionary flashcard generation (jisho.org API) which really saves a ton of time when creating cards. Next to that it has a ton of customization and other features while keeping a similar system to WK.

The website is subscription based but you can try a free 14 day trial :slight_smile:

I am obviously biased though, as the creator of the website :smile:


So I was thinking about kitsun but once i’ve inputted my vocab list, will it match it to a definition itself or will I have to go through and add definitions too? What about if I want the words in kana rather than kanji as I want to build vocab (studying kanji separately). Is there any way to input kanji as well as kana to the same card?

I’m assuming there is no Automatic audio?

As for the studying/quizzing is it a similar style to WK?

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There’s a few ways to go about this:

  1. If you already have a wordlist including definitions you could import them from a csv/tsv file (easily exported from excel/google sheets).
  2. If you only have the actual japanese words I think it’s easiest to search through them one by one in the dictionary tool and generate cards with a few clicks (default flashcards). Doing this will create a card which quizzes you on both JP → Readings and JP → Meanings.

Kitsun is very customizable, so you could definitely create your own layout to quiz both kana and kanji from the same card, as inputting kanji is not included in the default layouts, but it would be pretty easy to do so (if you have a tiny bit of technical knowhow).

Dictionary cards can also generate audio automatically :slight_smile: I’m still implementing audio generation for ‘normal’ cards.

So yeah, same quizzing style and you can easily add eng → kana as that type of layout is already part of the default set :slight_smile: the kanji input layout would be a personal layout. But now that I think about it I can just create it and add it to the default set for everyone as well ^^


Thank you! Definitely will give it a go then! I’ll try do a few tonight and see how it goes. I’ll report back :slight_smile:


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