Searching for English to Japanese Vocabulary flashcards or tool

I see alot of different resources that are already made like in anki, but I want to have a study guide to help me learn to convert English into Japanese. I researched it, but did not find anything. Does anyone know if this type of flashcard format is out there?

Depending on the format of the flash card, you could download a pre-made Anki deck and just switch the needed fields from the front of the card to the back, I’ve come across some cards where this breaks stuff (mostly with automatic audio generation and stuff like dictionary lookup) but it should work in most cases! And I think you can also select english to japanese on kitsun, but I’m not too sure about that.

When you just want english to japanese in regards to wanikani, nothing beats kaniwani!

Self-Study Quiz has an English to Japanese mode. But if you want a SRS you should look at Kaniwani. I concur with @anon3564849 on this. Both tools are specific to Wanikani vocabulary.

Thank you answering so quickly guys! Forgot to say I am using wanikani. Just wanted to know if there is a English to japanese flashcards already made and public to use. I do not mind making them myself but I far into wanikani at level 15 so it would be time consuming.

Kaniwani got your back : Kaniwani :wink:

And KameSame as well. I like it a lot & use it daily.

Thank you guys for this save me a lot of time! I decide to go for kamesame so it helps me adapted to the Japanese keyboard. :grin:

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