Is WaniKani suited for not native English people?

BTW there is an anki deck with all the vocabulary for Genki I and II which I’ve used alongside the books!

For scripts, as I said right now you can’t really use many because they are still being repaired. Two that are working again and essential in my opinion are “Reorder Omega” and “Double Check”. They are also compatible with each other.
Reorder Omega allows you to sort the items for example by radical > kanji > vocabulary, or by SRS stage or however you like. That way if you have a specific strategy you could always work on radicals and kanji first and only on vocabulary if you have time. Trotzdem mit Vorsicht genießen damit du dich nicht selbst boykottierst :slight_smile:
Double Check allows you to press Esc if you made a typo and wanikani didn’t accept it as correct eventhough it actually was. Also use with care!! Don’t boycot yourself and correct something that was actually wrong.
There are tons of other scripts (Heatmap or Ultimate Timeline are two others that I love) and ultimately using them will make wanikani the best SRS out there for you (imho)

If you consider buying the lifetime subscription wait until december, they usually have a sale at the end of the year which makes it much cheaper!

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