Is there a way to see all kanji that I've gotten correct below a certain threshold?

I just noticed in the review summary that if I hover over a kanji it shows statistics like the percentage of times I got it correct. Also when I click on a kanji and scroll to the bottom it shows similar stats.

Is there one place where I can find all kanji - meaning or reading - that I guessed correctly less than 70% of the time, for example? That would be a great way to review.

I’m at level 10, FYI.


Scroll down a bit on your dashboard, should see the critical condition items

This what you’re looking for?

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Not sure about the percentage part, but if what you want is to review and practice the leeches (items that give you a hard time in reviews), maybe you can try the Item Inspector user script?


Item Inspector has settings for optional filters. If you enable the Statistics optional filters you can create tables filtered by various performance statistics such as Percentage Correct and Percentage Incorrect.


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