Script/app showing review correct percentages?

Sorry if I am being dumb/lazy with forum search, but is there some app/script that lets me see the breakdown of all the reviews I have done since starting WK, broken down, say by

- radical/kanji/vocab
- reading/meaning/both (for kanji+vocab)
- level

Would be pretty interesting to see some of this info…     I know I can already see this for each item, I’m talking about aggregating it over many items.   

Doesn’t the stock “Lattice” page display this data via colour coding?

Snave is correct, on the wanikani navigation bar at the top of the screen you can click on Radicals, Kanji, or Vocab then under “Lattice” you can see all the information you requested. 

Really?   How do I see the percentage of reviews I’ve got correct aggregated over all level 5 radicals, for example?   

vlava said... Really?   How do I see the percentage of reviews I've got correct aggregated over all level 5 radicals, for example?   
That you can't. You can only see how many items you have on Apprentice, Guru, Master, Enlightened and Burned. 
It would be nice to see a percentage of right/wrong items. But the Tofugu team already knows about this, since this has been on the forums a few times before. 

They are currently busy with creating the next Textfugu. So don't expect big features like this for the next 5-6 months at least. 

OK, I see, I was hoping there might be some user app/script someone else had written for this.       To be honest I don’t find the native WK progress lattices very illuminating.      

All Lattice pages except Progress (which is just a breakdown by Apprentice, Guru, Master, Enlightened, Burned, Locked: this is a very different page) show this data. The catch is that WaniKani doesn’t really distinguish items by level, but rather treats every item individually. Still, on the regular Lattice pages items are ordered by percent incorrect (with Locked items trailing). Colour codes split them up visually, but the core mechanics of the system are such that the lower categories (<50% correct) are basically pointless*. As such, it can be a bit tricky to understand what exactly it is that these pages show, initially, as most items will be the one colour. The catch is that items are further ordered by percent of correct reviews (as you are interested in) and if you hover over each, the actual percentage correct statistic will be shown as proof.

Essentially, the items at the beginning of your lattice are the items wuth which you struggle the most. Having said this, there is a natural bias such that recently unlocked items will be more likely to appear at the beginning (got it wrong once, haven’t had the chance to get it right more than once or twice) or the end (never got it wrong, but had few chances to) of the lattice, so bear this in mind.

* I have a sneaking suspicion that the lower categories may in fact be completely inaccessible due to the way WaniKani collects stats. In certain places, such as the mid-review percentage correct figure (the tiny top-right corner one), and on these lattice pages, incorrect reviews seem to only be counted once per review session, with correct reviews later in the same session also being counted once (resulting in a 50% ranking instead of a 0% as the base line). Intrguingly, the new Review Breakdown page after you compelte all your reviews actually seems to calculate these percentages a different way, either by counting multiple mistakes in the one review session multiple times (still not a base line of zero) or only counting the first result on a given item in a particular review session (a true base line).

I see, thanks for explaining this.    It would still be nice to see an overall % correct figure for radicals or kanji or vocab.    But breaking it down by level is perhaps not that useful.