(Request) How many times have I got this wrong?


Are there any current userscripts that keep track of how many times you’ve gotten an item wrong?

Id like to see a list where it shows all the items you’ve unlocked and then gives the number of times you’ve gotten it wrong listed with each, so you can easily compare them all and maybe pick up on patterns of certain types of items that you tend to do poorly on.

For some reason I notice that some items click immediately for me and I rarely have problems with them at all, and some items are just terrible and don’t seem to stick. I’d love to be able to detect some key elements that they may share. Or if I notice one has a really high number of misses, maybe I can do something else to cement it in my brain.


instead of absolute numbers, wouldn’t a percentage say more?
if you click on radicals, kanji or vocab in the top bar and then select name/combined/reading/meaning you get all the corresponding items ordered by your percentage of correct answers. the one in the beginning of the list are the ones you are having trouble with.