Is there a userscript for having lessons be 1:1?

I keep tripping up on learning something. When I get it wrong I look it up, but then I just get hit with something else I didn’t know and then I forget what I tried to learn earlier. :sweat_smile:


Do you mean doing lessons one at a time? Or do you mean the lesson quiz being in 1x1 mode for reading and meaning grouped together for each item?




the latter

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This one has a 1x1 mode along with a lot of other tools.

I also use it to keep my reviews grouped by levels if I’m having problems recalling vocab. Do you use a phone app? Some have a 1x1 mode already built in.


If you get a lesson quiz wrong twice, it automatically opens the item info. I’d say if you’re struggling with a particular item, spending more time studying it might be a better first step than trying to tweak the system to pass it faster :wink: What size batch of lessons are you doing right now?

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just reread context sentences till you get it.

You could also let them into your reviews even though they’re pretty much a guaranteed fail.
Sometimes my brain just refuses to learn a new word until I’ve screwed it up a few times.


There seems to be some confusion. I am talking about when you are doing the lesson for the first time for it to go into reviews. During that quiz they keep shuffling the arrangement and it trips me up quite a lot. I prefer learning through the quiz and then failing the items later if such happens. So I just wanted the quiz to be 1:1 of meaning and reading back to back.

Does it allow 1x1 during lesson quizzes? I already have something that is letting me do 1x1 in reviews

I don’t think this is possible since there’s no penalty for getting the initial review wrong. It just keeps bringing the item up until you get it.

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One workaround for this could be to set your lesson batch size to 1 (settings-app-lesson batch sizing). That way you’ll get one lesson only and then the quiz for that lesson. Start a new lesson for the next radical/kanji/vocab.


Oh I see, sorry I misunderstood your original question. No, it doesn’t do so for lessons unfortunately.