Lesson One by One Script

I’m currently using the reorder script for lessons, and I have a one by one script installed for reviews. Is there a script that will allow lessons to be one by one? I normally end up messing them all up as I go on auto with filling in the next lesson portion with whatever the other part of the vocab or kanji was. It’s rather obnoxious when tackling something like 100+ lessons in a sitting.

Any links to scripts would be appreciated.

  • You can reduce the number of lessons to 3 or 4 per session on your settings.
  • If you’re forgetting things easily, you shouldn’t be doing all the lessons in one go. It won’t make you level up faster in the majority of the time. I personally do 20 to 25 per day, I’m able to finish all items before leveling up and I’m going full speed on WaniKani.

I’ve gone on about why you shouldn’t attack that many lessons at once, but since I’m on mobile, the gist is this: Putting 100 items in your queue at once means they will constantly come back as 100, over and over again. For some people, this works. For others, it causes burnout. Be careful!

No, doesn’t have to do with “forgetting things” it has to do with how I space my normal workflow in WaniKani as a 1 by 1 in reviews. I’ve never had trouble dumping 100+ lessons at a time. Normally when I level I’ll go all radicals, all released kanji and all released vocab in a sitting. Haven’t had issues. It’s more so I screw up because I’m expecting reading first, then meaning. So I’ll put in reading where I should have meaning or vise versa simply because it randomized the order and I’m plowing through.

Works for me, never had a problem. Only problem is the lack of 1 by 1 in the lessons section.

You can install the reorder script to fix this. Search on the forums for the script.

Reorder is what I’m currently using, it only reorders radical, kanji, vocab but does not actually make the reviews 1 by 1. Great tool otherwise. I do have recorder ultimate which works fine with reviews but not lessons.

What do you mean by this? Do you want to do all the readings/meanings at once?

With the reorder script, you can make the reading of an item appear first and then the meaning (or vice-versa). This way, you get to follow an order.

This is precisely what I mean, I normally do readings, followed by meaning (per individual vocab/kanji). Which works flawlessly in the Review section but doesn’t even show up as an option for my lessons. Where the script normally appears in reviews is not present in lessons. Hence my problem. Perhaps I need to uninstall and reinstall the script if that is the case that it works for you in lessons.

Oh, I see! Yeah you’re right, the reorder script doesn’t do the reorder during lessons. I would advise you to reduce the amount of items to 3 per session in the settings and to pay attention next time. Having the readings and meanings mixed have their own benefits.

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that’s what koichi says, but i don’t buy it. “review hypnosis” is something i’ve never experienced, not once in many years.

reorder works great for me in 1:1 mode, and lessons are ok… they’re only 5er blocks anyway.

1:1 mode is more practical, but I get what Koichi means with it. By doing both sides of the item separately, you get 2 exposures of that same item. Sure, the first is always stronger because with the 2nd one, you kinda already know what items to expect.


in my case, i know a lot of vocabulary. what i get wrong mostly is radicals or single kanji, and mixing stuff up isn’t gonna fix it. it only makes reviews annoying, and why would i want to do that :smile:

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