Lessons are now ordered

Lessons are now ordered by ascending level, and then by subject type (Radical, Kanji, and then Vocabulary).

That is all :call_me_hand:


Yes! This makes so much sense.

Woo! (ノ^◡^)ノ︵ ┻━┻


I was annoyed when the site went down in the middle of my reviews, but this is great news!

Thanks! :kissing_heart:


@viet What happened to interleaving? This will especially impact people going slowly since they will get all of the same type of items for many days.

Also, is there any chance of giving users more control here? Just like we can pick our lesson batch size, it would be nice if we could specify how many of each item type to get (if available) during lessons.


Interleaving is still in play with reviews, where it matters most.

This is setting up for content to be consistent when introduced (like when items are referring to each other).

We don’t see any major impact to those who move slowly with their lessons. But maybe you are seeing something we aren’t. Can you expand on this bit?


YAY!!! Guess I don’t need a reorder script…


Sooooo, something weird is going on now.

I use the reorder script. Now, if I tell it to reorder by type, it gives me radicals lessons even though I shouldn’t have any.

Edit : Just kidding, I’m a complete idiot. Disregard.

Edit 2 : Are you guys ‘liking’ this because you think my idiocy is amusing? :cold_sweat:


But the reviews show up based up on how you do your lessons, so if you’re only doing kanji lessons you’ll only get kanji reviews for new items. I get that they will interleave with older items, but it still seems unfortunate.

I find learning a ton of kanji at once to be unnecessarily stressful, so I guess I’ll still be using a reorder script :frowning:



That’s fair. Carry on.


ERMAGERD, thank you so much. <3 It was the worst attempting to do lessons with 100+ of them…and trying to get old level lessons cleared out before new lessons.

The amount of times I had to refresh. We won’t go there. It’s a dark place…a deep, dark place.

Again, thanks!

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As you mentioned, you can still use the reorder script to do a variety of lessons. I agree that having a bunch of kanji lessons in a row is tough, so personally, I do 5 kanji + 5 vocab in the morning and another 5 kanji + 5 vocab at night. Unless new radicals are up or there are more than 5 new kanji once a level’s radicals are guru’d. But that daily 10+10 is usually what works out for 5/7 of the days of the level.

The interleaving studies that I’ve seen only demonstrated interleaving to be effective over a longer time scale. In other words, the impact would be minimal if they are interleaved within a single review session.

But I can certainly understand wanting ‘variety’ :slight_smile:
I suppose now someone will have to come up with an “Ultimate Randomizer” script, lol…


It’s actually worse than I originally thought. Previously, I didn’t use the reorder script after doing the radicals. I just refreshed until I’d get one or two kanji in a batch, and the rest vocab. Now, it’s impossible to get a mixed batch except when you happen to have finished item type. So I’ll have to use the reorder script more, and to worse effect since it can’t give mixed batches.


I also think it would be really nice to be able to choose. I never do all my lessons at once and I usually try to learn a few new kanjis a day plus a bit of vocabulary, because vocabulary is usually easy when you know your old kanjis.
With this new order I’ll spend days seeing only kanjis (and limiting a lot my lessons if I don’t want to burn out !) before being able to learn the vocabulary of the new level.
The random order we had before was better for my way of learning, I think.


I just want to be able to pick the exact breakdown of item types for a batch, hence my question/request to @viet above.

Ahh… Sorry, I didn’t read closely enough :slight_smile:

You also know that you would probably be the one to make it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And we love you for it!!


Either way, I suppose I’ll just have to wait for a new script to make thing random again or allow me to specify the breakdown.

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