Reviews/Lessons out of order...confused :(

Okay, I’m kinda new to this still so I know this might sound dumb…but basically, I’ve been having a LOT of trouble with reviews and lessons as I progress in level. In the beginning, I learned the radicals, then kanji, then vocab, and it always made sense because the kanji built on the radicals I already had down pat, and then vocab built on the kanji which made it pretty easy to learn. Somewhere along the way, I got to do lessons in these massive batches, or didn’t get to them for days at a time, and it turned into a mess.

Now, sometimes I am introduced to Kanji when I’m still struggling to memorize the radicals from the same level, or sometimes I am introduced to vocab using Kanji I haven’t even learned yet. Even worse, sometimes I think I am learning some of the vocab/kanji from a lesson even though I haven’t finished the one I’m already on. Is this really possible? Am I just so confused I’m misunderstanding something?

I do understand that of course the lessons need to be random - it’s not as if I want to memorize the order of the cards or anything, because that wouldn’t really help me at all. I want to memorize all the cards so they can be presented in any order, but it’s kind of hard to do that when I’m being show cards including kanji or radicals I haven’t yet committed to memory. As a result, I’m getting really low percentages (60% or under a lot of the times) which is really discouraging.

I know there are reorder scripts but I’m not really sure which one I need, and I’m nervous about trying them because I heard they can mess up your whole thing if used improperly. If anyone could offer advice without being too critical, I’d appreciate it.

Can you give an example?

Unfortunately…no. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately. Next time, I’ll try to take a screenshot. But even sometimes in the explanation it’ll say something along the lines “you should already know the reading for X by now, but if you don’t, here you go” at least I’m fairly certain.

It shouldn’t be possible for items to be out of order. There were a few issues in the past, but they’re supposedly fixed now. As Leebo said, if you can name specific out-of-order items in the future, I’m sure it will help the developers. Also, you can check each item to see when they were unlocked (at the bottom of the item page) to confirm that it’s really out of order, and not just a case of forgetting something (which, hey, it happens!)

Based on your settings, items can be randomized to some extent, so it’s possible to get a vocab item for level 6 before you finished your level 5 vocab, which could lead to seeing that kind of “you should already know this” situation. You can remedy that by setting them to be ordered by level first in your settings. But you will never see a vocab item that contains a kanji you haven’t gotten to guru status yet.

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I don’t think it’s something wrong with the program at all, which is why I said items I haven’t fully memorized yet. I realize now I should take the lessons a bit slower and spend more time on them, but I’ve already messed that up. I mean that I am getting introduced to kanji or vocab when I have not fully memorized the preceding radicals and kanji, which isn’t something that’s happened in the past. Before, I felt like only new items were introduced when I had the ones they build on memorized. Ever since I let a few days of lessons and reviews pile up and then powered through them in big batches, everything is a mess. I really don’t want to reset, and was hoping there was a reorder app that could help…but maybe not? It’s hard for me, because I haven’t anxiety, and I know I am probably stressing too much, but now I’m at a loss…

Yes I think that’s what I’m talking about! I’ll check the settings

Yeah, that will save a lot of time and frustration. Technically, failing reviews is practice, but I personally prefer to practice more up front (in the lessons), because I think it reinforces the mental connections between radicals, kanji, and vocab.

Personally, I cycled through each group of five lessons repeatedly until I could recite the reading and meaning of all of them without hesitation, and my reviews went a lot faster and easier after that.


Why are you doing this? You don’t need to do all your lessons/reviews in one batch, but you also shouldn’t let them pile up like that. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of new stuff, stop doing lessons until you get back in pace, then do lessons 10/15/20/n a day, see what works better for you instead of trying to do everything at the same time.

Why are you doing this?

I know I don’t need to do them all in one batch, but how else can I prevent them from piling up? Sometimes I simply don’t have access to internet or to devote to doing them throughout the day, so I have to do them once in the morning and once at night. For me, it feels like the lessons unlock VERY quickly. I feel like I’ve barely grasped material and it is very common for me to unlock 40+ lessons at a time. I wasn’t doing any new lessons for two days because I didn’t have the time, and one day I unlocked forty, the next day 35 and I had a total of 75 lessons which was incredibly overwhelming. I was worried about even more lessons unlocking so I did 40 one day and 35 the next

Yeah that’s my plan from now on, but I’m trying to figure out what to do now about the mess I already have

For example, I ended up skipping two days this week due to some stressful events going on in my life, and ended up with 230+ reviews. I did them in batches throughout the day, and immediately opened up 13 new lessons despite feeling like I was not actually grasping the material I already supposedly “knew.” I have a feeling I will open up another 10 at least tomorrow. The lessons seem to fly out of there

If you completely stop doing lessons for a bit, you won’t unlock any more after a certain point. You’ll just have however many lessons sitting there (probably 70 to 100 would be the max, but it could be less depending on where you are in a given level). Then your daily reviews total will slowly go down, and when you feel like it’s under control you can introduce new lessons again.

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Also, the settings are already ordered by ascending level :confused:

I just don’t understand why the levels unlock so quickly, yet I’m learning much slower than when I started. It feels like I’m going at a snails pace where originally I felt I was confidently learning with each level. I must have messed something up. Maybe I should just restart a couple levels? :pensive: It’s discouraging seeing so many lessons so quickly when I’m not ready…

There’s no mystery in the mechanics of leveling up. Items take a minimum of 3 days and 10 hours to go from “lesson” to “guru”, but it’s unlikely that you’re pushing the pace to the max.

There are usually 2 waves of kanji necessary to get 90% to guru status, so most levels take a minimum of 6 days and 20 hours to complete.

You may just be noticing what a lot of people feel is a jump in difficulty at level 5. It has one of the highest totals of kanji in it and it’s generally considered to be hurdle for people.

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If you stop doing lessons, and you still have radicals/kanji on apprentice level, you will still get new lessons for when you guru those items but after that nothing new will come.Then you can start doing lessons again little by little.


Another question I have for you guys…are you supposed to always remember the mnemonics? For example, sometimes I see the kanji and immediately think of reading/meaning, but can’t remember the specific story attached to it. I know a lot of the stories build but I feel like I have more trouble remembering them sometimes than the Kanji themselves. Does anyone else experience this? Do the mnemonics ever “fall away” or are even people on level sixty running through the stories in their head?

If I focus on reviews and the lessons pile up to, let’s say 100 or so, when I start reviewing the lessons one at a time, will the more recent stuff on the “top” be what’s presented? Meaning will I be learning vocab before Kanji, or even just Kanji later in the list rather than the stuff in the beginning? I feel like that could be part of the problem or maybe I’m just overthinking things…

As noted before, this can’t happen. If it did it was a bug specific to you and would need to be handled on a case by case basis.