[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


I’m a sucker for offline features, so looks like I have an app to download, haha :laughing:


I love this app! It really has helped me do reviews more regularly throughout the day. Thank you!

I was wonder, are vocabulary words meant to be listed in lesson order? Often they are, or are least close.

I love the pie charts that show the current levels items. Is it possible to see the prior level’s charts? When I level I really want to see last level’s vocabulary fill as I complete lessons.


Just wanted to thank you for making this, let alone for free. I do almost all my SRS on my phone, and I have never used WK outside of iOS, this feels much nicer than a Web wrapper! It’s very clean too. Can’t wait for audio when you get around to it!

I’ll drop a 5* review in the app store too soon.


Same. I’d like the option to look over the mnemonics or additional information when I get answer right. I like the app much more than WaniKani itself, but this particular part is a drag.


I’m late to the party, but I just wanted to say thank you, the app is really great!

Just two suggestions: 1) it would be nice if we could add our own stories for meanings and readings, just as in the website; 2) also missing from the website is the category for each word, e.g. whether it is a noun, adverb, suru-verb, etc.

Thanks again!


@davidsansome! - I am a new convert to Tsurukame, and it’s great, it’s helping me greatly with getting the lessons and reviews done offline (on trains and planes etc) as I work and study. And I love the features of seeing on a timeline when and how many reviews are coming, plus what level each of my radicals and Kanji are at! Thanks again! (Gave you 5 starts in the app store!)


Wow, this app is amazing! So glad I finally made the switch. I agree that the pie and bar charts are a little confusing but I can deal with that. But is there any way to see when the next review is for an item? The old app I used, for all its flaws, had sections for “level up in ___” or “guru in ___”. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place but I can’t seem to find this information in Tsurukame, and it would be awesome if that feature was added. For now I’m just keeping the old app installed too so I can switch over there to get additional metrics…


Hey @davidsansome, the app is phenomenal. Love it, if there is any way how can I send you few bucks, please let me know.

I could only use one thing in the app if that would not be such a bother for you to alter. When you answer incorrectly either reading or meaning, it shows you the info about the kanji/vocabulary etc. The thing is, it shows you both, correct reading and meaning at the same time, so for example, if you have reading and meaning grouped together this happens: Answer meaning wrong, look at the correct meaning, I glance over reading and next review is the reading of the same kanji :frowning:

If there is any way around this except have random order of reviews, please let me know.



I’m an android user but have an iPhone for work as well. This app is amazing. One of the reasons I never fully switched to iOS was the lack of a good wanikani app but you’ve totally nailed it!!!

But since you’ll probably get asked this 100x over… any chance an android app would come out?


This app is awesome, thanks for putting in the time to make it @davidsansome !
It’s a joy doing reviews on ipad now :partying_face:

The only thing I’m missing is keyboard shortcuts for switching between lesson pages and the ignore answer button (one of my the biggest reasons for using this app is that is works perfectly with a hardware keyboard).

Also I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but when doing lessons, after having completed a batch it puts me back on the main screen instead of the next batch, which is a bit annoying.


Looks like this is being worked on: https://github.com/davidsansome/tsurukame/issues/49.


So I’m still on the Free plan and just about to finish Level 3 on WaniKani, but Tsurukame is now showing lessons for L4 available. I’ve done some radicals but it seems WaniKani isn’t letting those sync back as they’re not showing as studied on wkstats either. It’s understandable, but just wondering if Tsurukame should be doing that?


Cheers, my bad, didnt look hard enough on GitHub!


I would imagine it does. Tsurukame downloads information, then syncs it back. It’s probably downloaded all the level 4 stuff on your app, but since you don’t have a sub, it would hit a snag syncing progress back.


@davidsansome any plans to bring this to Android?


Thank you so much @davidsansome for your work ! Your app is amazing and the offline part is just what I needed. Hit us up if you have their is any way to donate. :blush:


I believe I have come across a bug:

When doing reviews, if I get an item wrong, and then when it shows up again I get it wrong again, but I click on “My answer was correct”, the system counts it as if I got it correctly on my first attempt.

(Happened to me when I got an item wrong, and a minute later I got it correctly but with typos, so I clicked that my answer was correct so as to accept the second attempt as correct. Then it got Burned!)

Thanks again, David;)


I love everything about this app, it is very well done! Good job and thank you so much!


I have found some cards where kanikani and the app shows different information. maybe it would be time for another database update


if you are doing mistakes because of an slightly different font that should ring alarm bells for u. if you can only read one font your kanji learning isnt reallt that useful. try installing this