[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


This is by far the best WK app, thanks for making this. I left you a review but just in case you don’t see it, wanted to post some suggestions here. I think with some more tweaks this app could be perfect.

The biggest thing I think the app needs now is changing “ignore typo” so it re-queues the item instead of marking it correct. Some minor things I would also love to see is putting the “enter answer” text in the input field so you can immediately know whether you’re doing reading or meaning (Japanese/English text just like the web version), making input field go green/red like web version and also displaying item counts by SRS tier on the home screen.


I love the feel and the responsiveness of the app. I’m running into the same sync issues as some other users though. This morning I did 63 reviews while on the morning commute to test the app out, but realised that the progress was not saved to WK. Has anyone found a general solution to this? (For reference, I’m on an iPhone 6 and was connected to 4G mobile internet.)


If you scroll down on the main page this will manually refresh it, where you make the blue bar bigger and then it will snap back in place when you release. The manual refresh for the Reddit and twitter app work like this too I think.

I do this before and after reviews. I have not had any issues with it syncing with wanikani so far.
I think there is some bugs with the offline thing. So I would do the manual refresh to just make sure things are in order.


This is a fantastic app, have been using it pretty much since it came out. Great to be able to do stuff on the go and see when I have upcoming reviews. Keep up the great work!


Sync issues on iPhone 6 for me too. When I pull the screen down to manually refresh, some text saying “pull to refresh” (I’m already doing that!) will appear briefly, but otherwise nothing happens, regardless of whether I’m using 4G or wifi.

I love everything else about the app though! Lets me get through my reviews super fast :grinning:


Good news! I think I’ve fixed the sync issues!
It was totally my fault - a stupid mistake in the way I handled the responses from the WaniKani API. Sometimes the app would think it had successfully sent the answer to the server when actually it had failed, so it would think the review was done when actually it wasn’t.

I’m going to submit a new version to the App Store today - hopefully it will be available in a few days.


Sorry if this is mentioned above - I looked around a bit and couldn’t find any mention of it. Just downloaded the app and I love the animations the most! However, I don’t have any sound. Is that just the nature of this kind of app or should I have audio readings for vocab words still? Thanks!


Hi, yep, there’s no audio yet, sorry! I’m hoping to work on it soon!


No worries! Thanks for all your hard work!! The app is great!


Is vacation mode not synced? I activated vacation mode a few days ago, popped into the app real quick to check out the new version and noticed I have 300+ reviews…


great that you fixed the bug. I used it a couple times before that and apparently just got lucky because I didn’t have problems anymore.

Anyway i really hope for this as still is the thing that I miss the most and currently keeps me from using the app to do reviews when being in the chikatetsu


Thanks for the app! Love it so far :slight_smile:

Do you mind adding some notes to a readme on github on how to build the whole thing? I assume the go code is for building data.bin, but not sure in which order or how exactly to use the go commands.


It’s available for iOS 10 now! Thanks :slight_smile: I can try it out now.
Edit: I’m probably late to that party…


I’ve been enjoying your app so far and have been using it to reorder my lessons when I am away from my computer so I can stay on schedule for leveling up by doing the radicals and kanji lessons first. I leveled up today and the reorder wasn’t working for lessons. I’m not sure if it is working for reviews or not, I haven’t used it for reviews since the new version came out. Thank you for your hard work on this app.


I was not awake but you have added my feature request :+1: . however it is not working for me, as it will not ask again later but directly afterwards. this might be because i have sorting on but maybe still make sure that those are a couple cards later.


I’ve been meaning to do that but never got around to it :slight_smile: I’ve added something quickly to https://github.com/davidsansome/tsurukame/blob/master/README.md.


I only noticed this app last week and it’s pretty awesome. Way better than just a wrapped web. I want to use this app from now on, so I hope you will keep improving it. Here’s some things that I missed in the app:

IMPORTANT - お願いします

  • Meaning notes in reviews/lessons - this is pretty crucial to have, since i write custom stories in there and need to check it if I ever forget a story :stuck_out_tongue: editing would be nice, but at least displaying them would be enough as a first step.
  • Hide answers on review summary screen - I always go through what I got wrong and quiz myself on it again. hard to do when i see the answers right there


  • Add synonyms in lessons
  • Hide context sentence translations - It’s nice to be able to try to see if you can understand the example sentences before seeing the English and only check it after (e.g. hide it behind some button)
  • Show apprentice and guru numbers on correct answers (atm I think the popup only shows when it changes overall level, but I think it’s better to see it always - e.g. apprentice 2 => apprentice 3 should show “Apprentice 3” popup etc)
  • Show new SRS level of failed items
  • Only shown info relevant to the answer (reading or meaning) - I saw there is already an issue created for this

Thanks for creating this and 頑張ってください


TSURUKAME - App is really helping me as I have plenty of time to do reviews on my mobile
during the day while outside of a Wifi environment.
One problem Strange font, some characters made appear to have have alternate appearance (i.e. 直, 令),. Made some mistakes because of it . Any way to change font Im using IOS on an iPhone.


Thank you so much for this app, David! It has given new life to my kanji learning, allowing me to quickly do reviews offline, right what we needed most urgently.

I must confess I use the “ignore typo” in a different way: I can’t be bothered to type some long definitions. For example, for “death by strangling”, “money exchange”, etc. I just type the first word and then click “ignore typo”. It does save me some extra time at no learning cost. I must also confess I love the confetti animation every time I get something right, hehe.

I have one question: what do the +1s do? Is it marking that the item has gone from one SRS level to the next one? At first I thought it was a strike counter. Can someone explain?

I would not mind paying for this app at all, though since it is based on a website you don’t own, maybe a donation system might work better. I would certainly donate, as I have equally paid for other Japanese-learning apps that are not as helpful as Tsurukame.

Thanks! :smiley:


i have two feature request currently:

please add a secondary sorting order. so that i can for example primaryly order by srs and the secondary by level. also allow users to choose if they want old/new levels first and the same for high or low srs level

the other is more of a bug report and i am not sure i expressed myself correctly when i tried explaining. due to my sort order or back to back setting, an item that i would like to answer later again or when I answered wrongly is asked again directly afterwards

and thanks again for adding some of the features i requested. because of that i now use the app whenever i am using public transport here in japan and i probably do the majority of my lessons on it. do you have a way to donate?