[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I should also add that the radicals didn’t come up for review.

I’d pay for an anki mode, typing on a phone is tricky. Does 10 million dollars sound fair? I’ll pay you $1 a day though so it might take a while

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To update my above issue, it was fixed upon logging out and in. Must’ve just been a temporary issue with the content update.

yes please! I’d absolutely pay for this app if it had anki mode. Heck, make it an in-app purchase…


Thanks for the latest update @davidsansome. It fixes all the small problems I was getting after the big WK content refresh. I really appreciate your fast turn-around time!

This app is really gorgeous and works really really well. Kudos. I do my reviews on it when I’m not on my android/pc, and the way it’s designed is really something.

I do have some requests, though:

  • ability to cancel the auto-progression for correct items
  • ability to mark correct items as wrong, a-la double-check
  • options to turn off/on vocab auto-play for each of these scenarios:
    • lessons
    • reviews: correct
    • reviews: incorrect
  • ability to check an item’s info based on what is asked (if I’ve only answered meaning, I don’t want to see the reading) rather than only once both meaning + reading have been answered
  • ability to decide how many items to study and which type (a-la the lesson filter script)
  • pitch info for vocab in both lessons and reviews (for reading), a-la the pitch info script
  • font randomiser, a-la jitai
  • phonetic-semantic information in lessons, a-la keisei

I know that this is a really long list that’s really complicated to implement, but any of these (especially the double-check and lesson filter) would really make this app my go-to app over android and pc.

Thank you so much, your app is so helpful. The only thing it lacks is the ability to mark something as incorrect.

Wow, this app is amazing. This is what I needed 4 years ago! Thank you so much!

I just tried this app yet again with some reviews, this time all 30 reviews are completed in the app, but on the website they are still available for review! Last time I had this problem it was just a few lessons but having to do another 30 reviews again!! Also last time I waited at least 24 hours before redoing the lessons, it never synced. Is anyone else getting this problem?

Also when I have more than 20 reviews I really need the ability to limit the number of reviews to 10 as you can online (and seemingly every other app) using the clock/wrap up button.

This is the second time I’ve had this happen and I have only tried to use it 3 times. The first time I had something like 400 reviews so when I saw there was no way to wrap up I closed the app and used AlliCrab. So essentially I’ve never had it sync 100%. iPhone 6+ with latest software updates.

Initially it was just lessons (19 days ago), this time it was reviews. I don’t think it’s question specific as it happened with all the reviews available. It does pick up new reviews but doesn’t seem to send the completed data back. Both times I was at home using wifi. I have just put my phone onto 4G mobile data only and pulled to refresh but no sync has occurred with completed reviews. I just did the 2 new reviews on mobile data then put it back on wifi with no luck. I restarted the app and the phone with no luck.

Sure I could continue to use other options but it would be nice to help you troubleshoot this. For every person who complains here how many are just deleting the app or perhaps not continuing with WaniKani?

None of the other apps I’ve used (iOS and Android) have this problem I assume because they are not usable offline. Even if you gave us a button to manually sync, or force online mode.

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for this app.

I changed jobs recently and needed an offline mode for WK as my train means I lose internet at three specific points in my journey.

This app has completely changed my study time, thank you so much!

Thank you so much @davidsansome - such an amazing app! Please consider adding a tip-jar if you plan on this remaining free. I would love to buy you a virtual coffee/beer with real-life monies!

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I used it for the last few days, its awesome! Thank you so much.

idk what you did, but the author fixed the bug resposible for what i wrote and it had worked since then like a charm. However, i now switched to an android phone and no longer use the app. As there recently was the content update, the app might still be partly broken. i remember having an empty radical card after the first update to get the app compatilbe. but as the author is active i am sure by now most issues are fixed.

Hi, I’m still experiencing an issue with the app not displaying the correct number of reviews on iOS, even after deleting the app from the device. Was there a solution or workaround for this?

Same here. I really like the app, but it seems to miss reviews sometimes.

Over lunch today, Tsurukame offered me 38 reviews, while the web dashboard showed 43 available reviews. And when I finished the 38 on the app, it showed 0 available, while the web app still showed 5. I tried force-closing and reopening the app, to force a refresh, but no luck. I could complete the 5 remaining reviews on the web app without problems. This all happened within the 12:00 - 13:00 hour, the review queue didn’t get a chance to roll-over during the review session.

iPad Air 2, not upgraded to iOS 12 yet.

It’s been a really long time and clearly my procrastinating habits didn’t help, but I am developing the app right now! I’m having trouble with the login to the site, I think I’m missing some session cookies in the request headers, but I can’t find which is it. Could you help me out once you have some time? Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, i got it. If anyone needs help with this, hit my DMs and hopefully I can help you out with what I learnt.

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I’m having a helluva time trying to build an app that can log in. I’m using Java and Jsoup. Do you have any advice based on what you learned?

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Wait, did development of Tsurukame move to you?

Exactly what I was thinking.

Is it too much to ask for a widget option?

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