I need some assistance (Buddies)

So long story short I’ve restarted my japanese learning with a dedicated mindset instead of my on and off one lol. Ive started my Genki I book and about to hit chapter 5 I would like to get a buddy or group around my level that can keep each other motivated and on a goal oriented track. In other words I need to be kept on track with the guilt of letting people down hehe I find it to be great motivation and or a kick in the ass whicher term you prefer. We can discord or whatever , set homework etc.


Maybe one or both of these would be help for you then?


Both of those threads seem to be slightly abandoned :sweat_smile:. I guess it would be worth considering starting a new one? I don’t know how study groups here on WK work in general.

If you set something up you can count me in! I have a lot of time until the first of April and I’m going through the MNN I book (I’m at about chapter 20) but there’s no such thing as “too much practice” so I’ll keep an eye on this thread! I’m also doing Bunpro, I have the first 81 items of N5 rolling around the SRS but my accuracy isn’t exactly… good.


You can still post in them to get discussion going again. People even still respond in pretty old book club threads as well. Nothing is ever truly dead until it’s locked. :sweat_smile:


nice also new edition of genki on the way

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I don’t know if this is allowed but maybe make a discord for the study group. I’d also like to join in, but I think I’m still too new. I get my workbook next month.

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