Looking for a Genki study partner

Helloo everyone,
I am currently at level 7, and will be at level 8 by the end of this week. Once I reach level 10 (as recommended by tofugu,) I am going to start working through the Genki 1 textbook and workbook. I am planning on doing one chapter a week (each chapter is about 6-8 pages of reading, plus the worksheets) so I will plan for about 3-4 months to finish it all. Because of course, if I really don’t understand something I may slow down a bit, or if I am really understanding I may speed up a little, but for the most part I like to go at a constant but not rushing pace.
And my start date will be Thursday, July 11. (EST)

I am looking for anyone on this forum who has similar plans, to be my study partner. We can keep up with how each other is doing, help with misunderstandings and research, and double check questions in the workbooks, because it’s meant to be used in a class environment.
If you would like to be this person, then please leave a reply below with details on your current wk level, plan for genki, timezone, and we can see whether we would be a good fit. Then, I would love to use a messaging app such as discord, and friend you on there so we can chat in real time (no voice calls, please.)

Also, if multiple people work for my plans, then of course we could make a group chat and all help each other, no reason it has to just be one person.

ALSO, if you do not really match up with my above plans, such as being at a very different wk level, or on a different genki book, etc, then please leave a comment anyways and maybe someone else will see your comment and you can pair up with them!

Oh, and if you know of any other places to ask this question, then just let me know.
Thanks everyone!


Hey @Jiggly_Jellyfish, this is a great idea. I think having a partner to learn a material with makes the process of learning Japanese so much easier. The Genki Book has a lot of ‘pair-work’ practices and I think having someone to actually practice with makes learning a lot funner and easier.
Unfortunately, I am already at Genki 2 so I don’t think I would be able to be a good partner. However, I could help you if you have any questions regarding any grammar points that seem to confuse you.

On the same note, anyone here wants to join me in learning Genki 2? I’ve already studied the book a few months ago but would like to review it again as I haven’t been practicing Japanese as much as I should.


The “level 4” study group has a Genki study group. I’m afraid there’s only three of us that are regular, and we’re all different levels, but if you don’t find anything that suits you better, we’d be really happy to have you. :3

(I’m at chapter 4, but I’m slow, and I’d be happy to do the pair work with you)


I have once made it up to Genki 1 - Chapter 10 but that was 2 years ago… At the moment I’m studying for the JLPT next month and my plan was to go through with Genki 1 & 2 after the JLPT but review from the beginning, so not just start at chapter 10/11. So if you don’t mind that I already know some Genki stuff, I would like to study together. The pace of roughly 1 week per chapter seems perfect for me.

@Kieroni: Can you tell a bit more about your study group? How does it work?

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I’ve wanted a Genki study partner which is difficult for me as I am a shift-worker. I have the book and have read a small amount so far but I have not been motivated to follow it yet, so I think a study partner(s) will help.

I am WK 12 and I am strong on some of the early Genki stuff but still weak on others, teaching/helping others definitely reinforces our own learning though, so happy to start again from scratch. Discord works for me, I would encourage voice communication where possible but timezones can make it tricky. I am in Australia btw, so similar timezone to Japan.

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Hi - I’m just starting Genki and a chapter per week sounds like a good goal.
I can’t commit to voice communication because I do most of my study at work but if you don’t mind I’m going to bookmark this thread in case there’s any discussion on here?
I’ve got Bunpro and Kitsun so I plan to use and follow the Genki pathway on bunpro to review gamer and use the Genki deck on Kitsun to study the vocab.

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I also have a bunpro subscription that I barely use. My problem is too many resources, not enough focus.

I think this thread/potential study group may end up giving me a more structured learning method though as I’m all over the place.


I tend to start the chapter normally, get through all the grammar lessons and start on the activities. I’ll then ask the guys if they want to practice today/tomorrow/Sunday in the evening/night, whatever. It’s pretty loose, just being like “hey, anyone wanna practice chapter x group stuff with me tonight?”

We manage pretty well with the three of us. I’ve been flakey the past two weeks, but the others have been practicing together without me, which is good since they are at a higher level then me. (I’m kind of their review) We tend to post screenshots of the activities for easier access too, so people that are going through JFZ or whatever can practice too.

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Hello! This sounds great! I would like to give it a try. The thing is, I am from Europe and my time zone is GMT +3 and i usually do my studies at work. I already got trough the first book but really fast and I feel like I still didn’t understood a lot of things. So, if it’s ok with you, I would like to study it again and maybe understand everything better but this time with someone to study with.

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I think i would be on board too.
Timezone more or less identical with the guy above.
But i need to buy the Genki book first so it would take a few days.
When was your intention to start?

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Wow, thanks for all the replies everyone! What I am going to do is determine what time of day everyone can study, and whoever matches up with me I would love to message directly on discord. For everyone else, I will make a genki discussion thread that we can all use regardless of level and timezones!

My timezone is EST, and I am available to chat about studying from about 1pm-8pm (sometimes later)

@frayderike the fact that you already did some genki is no problem at all! Can you please tell me your timezone and time of day for chatting?

@Lympy I’m not in Japan lol, I’m in eastern US. Depending on what time you work, we may or may not be able to chat at the same time. I prefer not to use voice chat. What time do you plan on chatting about studying?

@AmandaB ohh maybe I worded it confusingly but I actually said I don’t want to do voice communication, so that’s perfect lol! I would love it if you let me know your timezone and what time of day you plan to chat about studying, to see if we could pair up. And either way, I will be making a discussion thread for all of us on the forums!

@Noire12 wow your time zone is really close to mine! What time of day do you plan on chatting about studying?

@Lasores13 I am starting Thursday, July 11. The best price I could find was on Amazon.co.jp , and it actually didn’t take too long to arrive, I think it was a week or less! So you have plenty of time to order. What time of day would you plan on chatting about studying?

note: originally I posted this only replying to one person, oops. I made it reply to the entire topic now


Well, anytime between 12:00- 04:00 PM weekdays, if you can. Outsides this hours some days I am at home and I want to spend my time with my family. And weekends are a bit off bc again, family. Weekends are movie days and things like that. And I would like it if I could be part of the genki discussion thread, to talk with everyone.

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I’m just starting Genki, and I may have to join this group, if that’s okay. I’m not sure how much I can help others, seeing that I’m only just starting out myself, but I think a group sounds like an awesome way to make progress.

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My timezone is UCT+2. During weekdays I would usually be able to chat around 4pm to 8pm (that should be 8am to 2pm your time), on weekends later is okay. So… maybe sadly our times don’t really match…? :frowning:

But I would love a (new) thread or chat for a genki study group for everyone who wants to start genki roughly at the same time.

@Kieroni: I’m thinking about joining your discord group… Because chapter 4 doesn’t seem to far away considering that I should be able to catch up to review the first few chapters pretty fast.

I’m on a four week rotating roster across all 24hrs of a day, so it’s different depending on which part of the cycle I’m in.

I am the same Timezone. I am able to chat around 7pm - 10pm on weekdays.
Weekend can vary depends on my scheduled.
If its ok for you i join your plan.

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Sorry, I probably just read the thread but over a few days so I might of forgotten what you said earlier. I just know I’m going to be a crap study buddy because I don’t have regular schedule of when I do things. I’m in Japan so timezone is JST.
Definitely happy to post questions and chat about stuff in Genki but I’m sorry I just can’t tell you when I’ll be on here to do so :cry:


I’m thinking about starting a thread for everyone who wants to start Genki after the JLPT (so around July 11, as @Jiggly_Jellyfish suggested) if other people are interested? Or is a discord chat better? Or both? What do you guys think (@Jiggly_Jellyfish, @Lympy, @AmandaB, @Noire12 , @Lasores13, @ObiWan-Shinobi)?


Well, I think a discord chat would be better. I think it’s better not to spam wanikani with genki questions.

If it’s a thread specifically for a genki study group I don’t see a problem with that. There are book clubs and threads for specific books that people read together and use the thread not just to dicuss contents but ask questions on grammar, vocab etc. So going though genki together and opening a thread for it doesn’t seem to be much of a difference.

A thread on wanikani can motivate others to join or catch up later and if we ask questions other people here on the forums might help as well, especially if they are further ahead with the genki studies or have already completed genki. A discord chat would maybe be more practical for chatting and sharing answers than a thread here on wanikani but it is private and exclusive to the people using the chat.

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