Genki I Study Buddies

Hi everyone!

I’m just about to start on Genki I and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a group to go through the textbook together? I’d love to set up a discord group and create a schedule that works for all of us.


Hey! I would be very interested!

Just started Genki I myself and haven’t gotten that far (not even to the first lesson just the intro and greetings sections).

I’ve been finding it hard to figure out the best way to go through it and this would help a lot :slight_smile:

I am interested too.
I just started with Genki I :smiley:

I’d be interested as well! I just started Genki 2 just today. Maybe I can help people who are struggling? :smiley_cat:


Also interested! I’ve mostly been drilling myself through SRS and stumbling through books; a proper study of grammar has been looooong overdue for me.


I’m also interested. Forming a Genki group would be really motivating!

I started genki a week ago. This week I’ll be going through lesson 2. I’ll be glad to join your study group!

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I’m also interested! I’m completely new though :slight_smile:

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Sign me up! I’ve been wanting to get into Genki for a few months now so that is the perfect opportunity!

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There is a study group for Genki on Discord, not sure if @IntrepidFox would be open to invite more?
We are on chapter 4 already, most of us, but some aren’t.


Here, here!

I’d be down too.

Sure! I never really studied grammar properly even though I should have from long ago lol

Hi, not sure if im late for party, but i would love to see people near my level progress :slight_smile: Im currently on Ch2L3 doing one lesson a day

I’d also be really interested… I just ordered Genki 1 and was looking for a group to study with… I think it would be very beneficial :upside_down_face:

Just a tip don’t forget to check out TokiAndy’s YouTube series on the Genki books! They are the only reason I’m able to follow along and understand what the textbook is teaching as I struggle doing it alone.


I’d be interested! I’ve gone through part of it and am taking a class, but it’d be nice to get the review and follow along.

I’ve gone through Genki I before (in college), but it’s been a few years and I’m in need of a refresher, so I was planning on going through it again to review. It’d be great to have some people to go through it again as it’d make sure I actually do it lol. Yay for accountability! I could probably help out a bit too having studied it before :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’d be interested too! I only just started Genki I last week, so a study group would be great :slight_smile: