Genki 1 Study Buddies

Hey everyone.

I’m self studying Genki 1 (about to start chapter 4) and even though it is a joy wrapping my English speaking brain around it, I can’t help but feel it would be more fun with other people.

I know there was another group around this exact subject very recently, but they had too many people join, so I wanted to cast my net and catch all those people who have no place to go.

Benefits to joining this group:

  1. Support of like minded Japanese learners, navigating the Rainbow Road of Nihongo
  2. A place to vent, stress and scream without judgement
  3. Galaxy brain level Japanese by the end of Genki 2 (not guaranteed)

I am in GMT (BST) time zone, but that isn’t necessarily a barrier as anybody is welcome.

If you are interested, please drop a comment and we can set something up!


Good to hear from you, I have stopped and started before too so I know exactly what you mean!
I will send you a message when I start it up.


I’m kind of interested but wouldn’t be able to participate for the next month or so :confused: I wonder if I would be able to catch up, since I’ve started genki before, but it was a long time ago :sweat_smile:

What kind of things would the group do?

I’m CEST (GMT+1/2? BST+1) btw


EST, I’m on chapter 5 of Genki.

I’d love to join. I’ve been interesting in getting a speaking group started.


Potentially interested. I’ve failed to get far with Genki as I haven’t been motivated enough, so I’ve been plodding through Bunpro, but I think it’d be good to reinforce what I’ve done.

I’m in Australia and do shift work so timing may not work!

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@kelitt Hey, I would be happy to wait until the start of next month to begin. Give everybody a chance to get together and know each other.

I’m thinking to make a Discord, create a chapter sub for each chapter so that you can discuss the ideas and concepts that come up in each chapter, a sub for solely Japanese writing and my big idea would be to have a weekly meet up where we can do some of the speaking practices (my big problem is nobody to practice with). Obviously any ideas other people have would be great too.

We could all begin at an early chapter and attempt to go through at a joint pace, but the idea of each chapter is that somebody can come in and ask q’s about that chapter specifically without needing to be at the same level

@oryantge It would be great to have you join!

I think having the opportunity to practice speaking is really important, so would be happy to do this.

@Cathm2 Think having a group helps with motivation and discipline so would be great to get you involved. Obviously if it doesn’t work with timings then may not help, but we can try to make it work. How do you find Bunpro? I used the Genki pathway but found it a little repetitive with the sentences they use.


Similarly to @oryantge, I’m in EST and on chapter 5. Honestly, Genki can feel lonely when solo learning, would be great to have people to relate to!


Hey @Jirachi, when you have Wanikani, Genki and everything else you take on to learn, it can be a bit overwhelming and I don’t know anybody personally who has ever learnt Japanese to lean on for support. Aim of this thread and a group is that even though we will all suffer, we will suffer together :sweat_smile:


Cool! I am going to start completing Genki so this would be perfect. ;D


Yeppo. Practicing speaking alone is really boring, and draining.

I love the discord idea, let me know when it’s ready. I also have Genki 2, so we could move on after we finish 1.


Hi everyone !
Glad to see people just starting or wanting to go over Genki a 2nd time
I’ll also be much more available next month mid-sep probably
Would be happy to Check over this thread to see inputs / progress entries if there’s any
Also I’d be happy to join Discord if that’s a possibility as you mentioned .
Either way
Good luck to everyone and happy learning :blush:


@oryantge I will make sure I drop you a message once it is set up.

@ApplePine hey, the Discord seems to be the best way for everybody to communicate, unless somebody thinks otherwise. I think given everyone will have their own pace, you can join in Mid-Sept and we will be able to either a) get you up to speed, or b) work at the same level to begin with


I would be also interested on joining on your Genki journey. I have not started Genki yet, but I have years ago studied at least to Genki 1 level so I probably can catch you quickly if you are not starting from the beginning. My timezone is GMT +2


Hi, I’ve just recently started self-studying with Genki 1 too. I would love to join this group.
I am in Belgium, which uses CET (GMT+1).


I’m in a discord channel that studies Genki together pretty regularly. They also do a lot of events like playing games, and watching anime together. It shouldn’t be hard oto get a few people together to go through a chapter. Here’s a link if anyone would like to join: Genki Club

Hey @iMpetus2, that sounds a lot like what I am trying to get to, I will check it out properly. My only thing is that there are 250 people in that Discord, what is the general level of learner there?

The majority of those people are no longer active but the remaining ones are mostly beginners. There is someone who is fluent and helps us out but for the most part, we’re all struggling together. :sweat_smile:

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I’d be really interested! I got half way through Genki and put it down due to life, but got back into it recently. It was a joy because this time around I knew all the vocab in the conversations :sweat_smile:

I’d join a discord if one was started!


Finishing up the workbook pages for chapter six tonight.

General recall practice would be great. Let me know how that other discord works out, happy to join that one or a new one that you make. @mblower91


@Dailyhubble seems to be common theme, great that you know the vocab (although I doubt in my life I will ever need to know that somebody studied anthropology)! I will send you a dm once I have it set up.

@oryantge I will probably start a new one just to keep the numbers controlled and so that you don’t end up with threads that are overwhelming to a newcomer. Will be great just to speak to somebody who actually wants to respond to you in Japanese :sweat_smile: