Is there a Script to force me to answer with all the Readings/Meanings?

Hi! I hope this is the right place for this!!! But I was wondering if there was a userscript or something so that I can/have to write down multiple readings/meanings of vocab/kanji…?

I worry that I default to specific definitions/readings and will ultimately forget the other definitions/readings, and this is a more prominent worry now that I’m partially into level 4 and a bunch of kanji with multiple answers are popping up.

Or if people have dealt with this issue in a different way, I’d appreciate advice!!!

Thank you for your time in advance!

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As far as I’m aware there isn’t a script, but I believe this is why there is Vocabulary in addition to the Kanji themselves. You’ll learn most different readings/meanings through the Vocab they appear in on WaniKani.


The various readings and meanings of kanji usually get covered sufficiently in vocab. You wouldn’t want to have to type out all the readings of something like 生 or 下. Some of them can be quite obscure as well…

That doesn’t address the issue of synonyms of vocab, but more often than not the synonyms of vocab are true synonyms, rather than additional unrelated meanings, so it’s not as critical to recall them. They’re just there to be sure people don’t get dinged for something that was technically true but worded differently.


IMO it’d be better to focus on the most common readings when having Kanji reviews and learning more exceptional readings through vocab reviews. In Kanji lessons/reviews you’ll be learning the most common readings, so chances are what you see in the wild will match up with what you learned.

From what I’ve learned it seems like overgeneralizing then pinning down exceptions from examples you see over time is more effective than trying to learn all the exceptions at once.


I see. I think my main beginner’s worry arose from getting a set of lessons with 世,主 ,代, with the common meaning from radicals already associated but the other meanings the lessons informed me of being difficult to connect to. World/generation, master/main, ceremony/period/age…

…On second thought, I think much of this is just me being tired cause it’s late at night, resulting in unnecessary panicking lmao.

I super appreciate your guys’ help in helping chill my nerves!!!


Yeah this is a bit of a “problem” with some of the earlier Kanji since they’re so common and appear in so many words, but as you level up you’ll find this happening less and less.

It’s not really a problem that WaniKani can fix since it’s just how the Japanese language is.


Have a look at this