How to study Genki alone

I’d rather avoid having to go through previous old conversations in that bigger group to make sure we aren’t repeating a previously asked common question so I vote for a new group

Sounds great to me!!

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I’m PST so my timing would be a little (way) off compared to what sounds like most of you, but I’m interested in joining as well. I really only just started Genki 1 (2nd edition) so my grammar is basically nonexistent. If someone throws together a quick discord server I’d be all for joining!


For those who don’t know btw:

People aren’t allowed to promote discord servers on this forum. I think it should be fine for me to put my username here though and for people to add me?

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You’d be welcome if anything does happen! :smiley:

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I am super up for it all


Ahh. Very Nice. I’ll have to try this out :grinning:

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Seeing as there are so many Discord posts from the following years it seems it’s fine…? :sweat:

I’m okay either way tbh, I don’t know which option is better.

Sorry, I was a bit unclear, I mean Genki 2 the second book, not Genki 1 the second edition. I’ve already finished Genki 1. :slight_smile:

Then it might be worth checking out the 300+ member discord to see if anybody is also currently working through Genki 2. All the best!

Thanks, I’ll check it out! Good luck to you with Genki 1! :slight_smile:


Yah i considered that too… I’ll take the benefit of the doubt and just post an invite here and make it very clear that this server is in no way related to wanikani and is 100% my responsibility. Also if this is against the rules, then I’m happy to delete my post!

So now, here is a new server:

Feel free to join for some laid back Genki help and group study :heart:

@JollyTall @burgundy13


Hey all, just wanted to say I’m about to start my adventures with the 3rd edition of Genki and would love some company as I go through the book :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t want to barge on into the discord server without saying hello so…hello!

I’m also in the UK as well so I’ll be active when it seems most people in this thread will be?


Heyo! I’m also joining if that’s ok! My username on discord is Fluffylagniappe FYI. I’m in the US so CST timezone so I may not be able to join everything but that’s ok!


So polite!

Feel free to click on the link and join! You sound at about the same stage as me! :slight_smile:

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They have since reconsidered their stance and Discord servers are fine as long as they are not trying to look official


Hello, I am also joining your discord. I have the second edition genki. I’m from Turkey so I am one hour ahead of UK but I guess that won’t be a problem. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kumirei! I have only been here a few months, but always so helpful :star_struck:

And good thing I put the disclaimer c:

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Of course not! Come on in! :smiley:

Hello! Is it ok if I also join please? I’m on Genki 1 v2. I’m a little out of practice and haven’t looked at my Genki book for about 6 months so may be a bit rusty. I find it hard to be motivated with it sometimes :confounded:.

I work full time so will only be available on evenings. I’m in the UK too.


Of course you can join @TakingtheVic!

Feel free to join the discord, we’ve got a good group, and have planned two calls for tomorrow to run through the chapter 1 speaking exercises, feel free to come to either, both or none! :smiley: (We are aiming to keep things relaxed, but thought an initial call would be good :slight_smile: )

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