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Genki I (2nd Edition) self-learner here! My background in Japanese has been learning the kana sets with mnemonics, and I’m at a beginner level on WaniKani. I phased out practicing the language on Duo just because I felt like I wasn’t getting a lot out of it.

Since, I’m formally starting this series, I’m wondering if there’s anyone who would be willing to help me with the group practice exercises as there seem to be a few off the bat. I can take pictures of the assignments and we can shoot them back and forth if that works? If multiple people are interested, I could assign different people different practice segments. Or I could just post the exercises here as I go along, and different people can contribute until done? Just brainstorming.

Ideally, I’d like to work with someone more advanced than me (so they can follow along the exercises without much clarification) just to keep their skills sharp, but if you’re starting Genki as well that’d be cool, too.

Maybe you all know a better way to go about this. I just don’t want my experience feeling “cheapened” because I’m not in a classroom setting. Thanks!

(Also, feel free to move this to a different sub-forum. I assume Genki covers a little of everything, and that’s why I put this thread under the general topic.)


Hello, there was a topic about Genki I study group on discord:

but I have no idea if they are still active.

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oooh I’m in a Discord study group for both Genki textbooks right now if you want to be in that ! The main group is about to start the second book, but there’s going to be a second group of people starting Genki I soon.

There’s also plenty of people from different levels, including handful of people at an intermediate level and a couple at advanced, that have been helping learners with their work as well.

Edit: Here is the link ! there’s no expiration or limit Genki Study Group


Hello! This is my first post on WaniKani community, so… yay!

This was honestly perfect, I have been meaning to start Genki 2nd edition for a long time but I feel like it’s not as good to do it alone so I’ve been waiting…for this moment!

I know all my kana, and a decent amount of kanji / vocab. I just started on wanikani like a week ago but I’m almost level 3 and am going to buy a year long sub to reach level 60!

If you want to get serious about this, the best place to contact me is on my discord: Clay#0001

That goes for everyone else replying, we should start a group or somethig! :smiley:


I’d be happy to help with this sort of thing in a group or via DMs, whichever.

If it’s via discord mine is lostick#9160


Can I get in on this? :eyes: I’m on discord and I also just started Genki 1, I’d love to join a study group!


I’d be interested in joining the discord for Genki I

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This might be enough to get me back into Genki 1; it wasn’t doing anything for me but maybe that’s because I was going solo. I switched to JFZ…

HMU on Discord: l o v e lovely vikitty#9368

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I just made a discord server for this: Genki 1&2 Study Group (fixed link so it doesn’t expire)

I’ve been trying to add some people via the discord names you posted in here but it says User Not Found for everyone I’ve tried.

@missbelle @jake3456 sure thing ! not entirely sure when the Genki 1 study group starts but I think it’ll be in early march.

Here’s the link (no expiration or limit): Genki Study Group


Thank you! I joined.

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Omg can I have in to this group?? :slight_smile: I’m about to start Genki II!
Oh just saw the link, I’ll add it when I’m home!

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Hey there, how can we get in on the new group that’s about to start? Thanks!

Edit: just saw the link! Thanks!

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