How to get more lesson a day?

Hi Wanakani community, I felt like I have been getting new lessons way too slow even though I did my lessons and review almost immediately (or within few hours) after it unlock.

For example, I just unlocked my level 4 on 14 Feb 2024. I’ve been doing new lesson and review whenever its avaliable. But the thing is I only get new lessons (20-30 lessons, i dont remember the number exactly) every two to three days. So as of today 20 Feb 2024, I’ve unlocked all 33 radical, 38 kanji, and only 53 out of 112 vocab.

Im stuck in 1 level for 7 days!! And Im not even close to finish!! (I remember for level 2 or level 3, i was doing reviews for two whole days and no new lessons)

I read a lot of post where people get to complete 1 level 3.5 days, or average 7 days. How do they manage to finish that fast? How do I get more new lesson a day? Please advice :sob:

Tldr: I do my lesson and review everyday every few hours but new lesson coming in too slow so im stuck at the same level for more than a week

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You get more lessons by doing your reviews more frequently and getting them all right.

If you’re already doing that, then that’s all you can do.


As MQM said, doing your reviews frequently and getting them correct is how you go faster.

New lessons are based on what you’ve learned previously, so to unlock new lessons you need to “prove” to the system that you have actually learned the previous lessons (by answering correctly several times in a row, with a few days between each attempt).

If you’re doing all your reviews and lessons as they come then the only way to go faster is to make fewer mistakes:) Maybe focus more on the mnemonics, or make your own mnemonics if Wanikani’s ones aren’t working for you. Good luck :+1:

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I tried to have perfect score in level 2 or 3 when doing my reviews, and end up getting very few reviews for the next two days and 0 new lesson. I wonder if im the only one facing this issue?

Is it anything to do with the setting? I set it to 10 batch size previously.

Radical and Kanji reviews are the only ones that unlock new lessons, it takes about 3 days to get them to the stage where they unlock new lessons, so if you do all your available kanji and radical reviews on the same day then you won’t unlock any new lessons until three days later.

Read up on SRS stages here.


Thank you for sharing! I was reading the link you shared. It makes a lot of sense now! Thank you so much!

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No problem:)

Reading this post might also be helpful.

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And for what it’s worth, I’d suggest sticking to a sustainable pace in general so this doesn’t happen: