I skipped a few days and now i have almost 600 reviews

i skipped a couple day of reviews because i’ve been busy, and now my reviews are piling up like crazy because it’s just too much, and the more it piles up the less i want to do it.

it started off as just 200 reviews, but now it’s up to almost 600, and i just don’t want to do it because it’s too much. any advice?


My best piece of advice would be to get started before it piles up even more (and use vacation mode whenever you feel like you need to so that you can avoid things like this in the future)


What I did when I needed to get through a mountain of reviews was I set aside a couple of hours, found a good video with many “sections” on Youtube, told myself to do 10 reviews for each “section”, and did that. Find a good activity you enjoy doing, and put aside time every X amount of things you’ve enjoyed. Could be anything, but video games and youtube videos are perfect for this purpose.

This strategy also works for when you need to clean your room, or do dishes, or anything else where it’s just oh lord so unbearable but doing 10 reps, or ten minutes or a sukoshi of it at a time is fine.

The short answer is to just get to it.


Sort by Level (lower levels first, native in Settings) or SRS level (with a reorder script, higher first), and if you do enough reviews per day, you can prevent reviews for piling up further, and start decreasing.

About tolerance, set aside 10 or 15 minutes per session, multiple sessions. Of course it can be longer, like 25 min + 5 min rest, before resuming. If tired, wrap-up button, so as not to repeat half-done items.


The easiest way is to reset level by level until your review load is down to a number you’re comfortable with. But I don’t think that’s necessary in this case; it’s only been a few days so you’re memory is still fresh, and 600 reviews is manageable:

  1. Stop doing new lessons until your review count is under control.

  2. Order reviews by srs level, and do the lowest levels first. The most important reviews are apprentice and guru. Enlightened items have been in your memory for ~4 months, another few days won’t effect them. I can see that you have 118 apprentice items right now. This is quite high, most people keep it under 80 or 100. Getting this to a more manageable number should relieve some stress.

  3. Do a set number every day. Doing them all at once will result in them all coming back at the same time, and then you’ll have the same situation all over again. Doing them in batches means they’ll come back gradually and you won’t get overwhelmed again.

  4. Most importantly:


If I don’t have much time or I feel overwhelmed or something I like doing reviews in chunks of 10. Don’t think about how many you have to do because it’s just trying to commit to 10.
Repeat the process as many times as needed.


Don’t try to do everything at once. You may have 600+ reviews, but you don’t have to do them in one sitting. Would you feel motivated to do your reviews if there were 20 instead of 600? Then do 20 reviews. Keep doing 20 reviews at a time until they’re all gone.

I had 700+ reviews not too long ago and made it a rule that I’d do at least 1 review every time I poured myself something to drink. That backlog slowly evaporated over a couple of weeks or so.


I think a part of the problem is here

200 reviews is quite a bit. Over what time period did you accumulate 200 reviews? half a day? 1 day?

I see 2 options

  • You do small batches of reviews every couple of hours to avoid early burnout

  • You reset a couple of levels (1-2? maybe even 3?) and start keeping an eye on your daily review load and the number of your Apprentice and Guru items


i was exaggerating a bit, but i did skip one day and have 150 reviews to do when i next checked.


I’m assuming you are exaggerating the 600 reviews too, or undercounting the days you skipped reviews. I don’t think it’s possible to have almost 600 reviews after skipping “a couple of day of reviews” when at level 11. If you do have almost 600 reviews, you must’ve skipped a week or almost a week, not just a couple of days.

If you skipped a week, consider resetting one level because you probably forgot most of the lessons you last learned.


You’re probably right, even I would have to ignore my reviews (and lessons) for 6 days to get 600 reviews, even though I’m going at max speed


I went through a duration at the start of January where I went on holiday, struggled to get back into routine after turning off holiday mode, and let them pile up to 1000.

I don’t know if this is the best advice; resetting your level back by one or two may be better practice, but I installed the Anki mode user script. You have to be disciplined with yourself, so I found saying the answer out loud was the best way for me to make sure I knew it. But because typing is slow, I was able to much-more quickly catch back up, and I’ve been back at 0 reviews/0 lessons for a few weeks now, the most important thing is that I found the motivation to continue once more, and if that’s what you need then I think my solution is a decent one. As an additional warning it will of course still take some work, and if you do too many reviews at once, you’ll end up with reviews stockpiling back en mass.

However you decide to tackle it, good luck with your journey, and I hope you’re able to find motivation once again.


I’ve outlined a solid and very manageable approach from my own experience previously here:

Your case is only slightly different in that it hasn’t been that long so you want really have too many issues with a bunch of forgotten items you have to go back and study again. The same approach ignoring that bit works any time you start to get a backlog though.


Yeah, I’ve been there. :joy: A lot of great advice here already, but this general philosophy has helped me a lot (as opposed to a specific methodology, since everyone is different):

The longer it takes to complete reviews (and new items), the less likely you’ll end up having them pile up.

Personally, when I do WaniKani (especially for an extended session), I usually play an entertaining (as opposed to cerebral) podcast, show, or movie (on occasion, audiobooks, but those were generally too engaging for me to be able to focus on both it and WaniKani…) :smile:

700 / (let’s say) 3 = 233.33 (repeating, of course)
233 drinks in a week? You may want to go get your liver checked out. :rofl:

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:sweat_smile:at least 1 review” - usually I wouldn’t stop at one though. I was mostly drinking water and coffee.

Last year I had something like 5 alcoholic drinks. 5/52 ≈ 0.096 drinks a week. I think my liver might be able to handle that:p

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I also struggles with a high review count at some points of my journey. Here are my tips:

  1. Set a goal number of reviews you’re going to do per day (lets say 120)
  2. Set a time when you will do those reviews (maybe 40 in the morning, 40 at lunch and 40 in the evening)
  3. You WILL get frustrated by the low accuracy.
  4. Take a breath and keep telling yourself: it will get better eventually (it really does, I promise!)
  5. Keep an eye on how many reviews are added per day. Ideally, you will do more reviews than are added. If you can’t do that, I recommend putting on vacation mode and undoing for your reviews. This way your pile will get smaller. I do not recommend this, if you can manage to do more reviews than are added per day!
  6. You’re gonna get there! But you need to get to it! がんばって!
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I call this the ten things game, FWIW and I use it for everything from housework to WK. Do something rewarding that has natural “breaks” and do ten reps each break.

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i’m actually at level 12, i don’t know why it says i’m at 11.

Level indicators on these forums always lag one behind unless you log out and back in.