Does WaniKani want me to do every available lesson/review every day?

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Beginner here :hugs:

I noticed, when reaching level 2, that the quantity of radical/kanji/vocabulary to learn/review suddenly bumped to a much higher number. This led my daily time spent on WaniKani to go from a few minutes to an hour or so.

Is this expected? I mean, for sure the more I go into later stages, the more I’ll have to do, but, and that’s the topic, should I work with the mindset that everyday I need the lesson/review counters to be back to zero, or am I expected to decide when to stop?


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Generally, it’s always up to you how many lessons or reviews you want to do every day. I personally recommend, however, that you try to do your reviews every day if possible, although it’s probably not too big of an issue if you skip one or two days. (I personally haven’t tried it yet, and I don’t want to do that, since it would immediatley result in over 400 reviews lol :wink:)

As for lessons, you should just do an amount that you are comfortable with. Most persons decide to do a certain amount of levels every day until the number of their apprentice items reaches an upper limit that they set for themselves. For example, assuming one does 5 lessons every day. He would then do 5 lessons everyday until his Apprentice a certain number, let’s say 60. He then stops doing lessons until his Apprentice Item count drops below a certain number, e.g. 40, until he begins with doing 5 lessons every day again.

This is just one possibility, however, you can adjust all of these numbers so that you feel comfortable with the number of lessons and reviews you do every day.

HTH! Good luck with your studies, and have fun with Japanese :smile:

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention: The lesson picker is an extremly helpful tool that could probably help you, but you shouldn’t use it to skip any lessons :wink: In case you get an error when clicking on the link: You need to have lessons available in order to try it.


You should always aim to do all of your reviews every day.

However, the number of lessons you’ll almost positively want to throttle if you decided to go further. In the early levels, it isn’t that big of a deal, but if you try to do every lesson as they become available as you level up further, it will get extremely brutal with multiple hundreds of reviews every day.

The primary way to keep the number of reviews to a level that you find manageable is by doing less lessons than are available.


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It takes a while to figure out the right balance of reviews and lessons!

You don’t have to be doing every single lesson per day if it’s too much for your workload - I currently do between 5-10 lessons per day (sometimes I don’t even do any!) and I spend around 30 mins on WK per day.
The time you take to do the lessons just reflects how fast you will level up, so make sure to take it at your own pace and figure out what works for you!

It is good to do all your reviews on a day if possible though, just to keep on top of things, but again, it’s all up to what you can balance in your day-to-day
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Not really, it depends on how many lessons you take. If you do all the lessons at once all the reviews will come at the same time. There are levels with more kanji/vocab than others, but you’re the one who decides which pace you want to go. Also there’s nothing bad with letting reviews pile up, it just means you’ll level up later because you need to get certain items to a certain level before leveling up. So at the end of the day you decide how much time you want to spend doing lessons and how much time you want to spend reviewing, it takes a little bit of time to find a pace that works for you and that balances both lessons and reviews.


It’s possible to let the reviews pile up, though to move on, you need to make correct level-critical reviews up to Guru. That generally means zeroing reviews (without scripts).

Even with scripts, doing only level-critical reviews will make the reviews pile up, never zeroing.

Lessons can be done whenever you want. Rather than treating all lesson types equally, I think they have different issues regarding memorization. Though, of course, irl, vocabularies are the most important.

It’s simplest to focus on zeroing reviews everyday, imo.


For reference.

You don’t have to read the whole thing, but just to give you an idea.


What a coincidence!
Yesterday WaniKani update: new Today’s Lessons menu item.

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