Have you reset your level?

Has anyone tried the new self level reset feature on wk since it was added?
What level did you reset from/to?
Has it helped you get on top of things?

I reset from level 25(I think) to 22 recently, and the extra breathing room has definitely helped me demolish the remaining backlog of reviews and get a few easy levels in.

I’m keen to hear others’ experience, and maybe create a place for unsure people to seek guidance about resetting level, now that we have such a convenient option.

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:bangbang: Attention everyone :bangbang:

Maybe the reset is the reason your level can’t be seen?

:bangbang: Please check your accounts しなさいよ :bangbang:



Shhhhh, I’m trying to be sneaky and test my theory haha

…although i am still keen for this topic also


It seems that @mahum has reset her level to 21.

I reset my level from 9 to level 1. Back in 2015 I got to level 9, went on a five week vacation without turning the vacation mode on, so when I got back I had over 1000 reviews. After trying to knock that down for two years, I decided to reset my level a few weeks back. And it is honestly the best thing I’ve ever done since I barely remembered any of the kanji/vocab and with the new kanji that was added during all that time, it was just very hard to motivate myself to get all of it done. I’m currently level 4 and should be hitting level 5 sometime soon.

BTW, I love your new sect title.


I’m just wondering why you decided to put this thread here rather than in the WaniKani section. Is it merely because it’s one of 2 private areas in the forums? Or…???

same here, feels good. Kind of hoping it remains as is, tbh

That’s a fair point actually. I don’t use the forums very much, so I’m not all that familiar with the different sections.

The other reason is that I was probably more focused on trying to see if anyone else was affected by the same no level bug as me, and felt like that wasn’t really a serious discussion topic.

I’d think that’d be most useful in the Bugs section, then… wouldn’t you? Would you like one of us to move the topic over there? Or perhaps to general WK? (No sub-category…)

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It’s probably ok either way, I think. It’s not really a bug report or anything either.
Viet already knows about the issue, but it was only a theory I had that it might be caused by my level reset.

If you think it would be better of in a general category, then I’m totally fine with that.

*shrugs* I don’t know about better. If anyone else weighs in, I’ll do it. But for now it’ll stay here. You don’t seem to care either way… and I guess that’s what Campfire is for, too. XD

Might as well. Organization can’t hurt. :blush:

Okie-dokey. Which one? WK General or Bugs? I think this has a more General vibe. Would you agree?

You are supposed to see the level, so I think it’s a bug

I’d say general. It was asking about how you handled level resetting.

Drat, I just moved it to bugs and added something to the title that made it seem more like it was about bugs than in the OP.

But, it works! Our Member-level powers really work!

EDIT: Returned it to the original title (deleted my addition) and threw it into General WK. Tada!


はい。The powers are strong with us…

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