Back to Level 1

I started using WaniKani :crabigator: last April, and got to level 25 before getting distracted. That distraction lasted from last December until now. So it’s back to level 1 for me.
Not because I forgot everything, but I had forgotten enough to make restarting the adventure worthwhile.

Has anyone else gone back this far with the reset feature?

Did it help your studying longterm?

Let’s go burn some turtles.

Recently reset from level 15 myself. Not quite the same but it’s something eh. I think it is helpful, but I often get distracted from studying. Dunno if I’ll ever finish.

Gotta say it feels nice to get such easy reviews though.:smirk:



I used the reset feature when I was on something like level 10 because I couldn’t remember ANYTHING. But I’m doing much better now, though I’m wayyyy too lazy with vocab and grammar :upside_down_face:

Reset myself from level 20 a month ago! I obviously thought the same as you :smiley:

I reset from level 60


There is already a big thread devoted to people resetting. I suggest you read that if you want to gauge how many have done it, when, and why.

I look out for stuff like that in the future when I post.

I did from level 19. Im glad they put this feature in. I am going to level up more efficiently now.

Only doing lessons once I have 0 apprentice items and reordering to guru vocabulary BEFORE kanji

My method is complete LESSONS ONLY for VOCABULARY & RADICALS

  • once everything is GURU’d - COMPLETE LESSONS FOR KANJI

Even if I level up - I do not unlock ANYTHING new - no new lessons until ALL apprentice items are moved to GURU

  • Repeat: lessons only for VOCABULARY & RADICALS
    " " " "

I think doing it this way will allow me to really focus on the things that I do not know without cluttering up my review queue.

Way less overwhelming than having 1700 reviews constantly when I was lv 19

Things are going well.


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