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A few years ago, I made it to Level 17, but work and life made it difficult for me to keep up. I had recovered once after letting more than 800 reviews pile up. But I slipped again and was stuck at Level 17 and 1,800+ reviews.

After reading WaniKani resources and topics on resetting, I decided to restart from the beginning. I’ve just started, and it’s encouraging to see how much I know and remember! Also, I love the Review Forecast (new to me) – it makes the process much more manageable.

I teach at a university, so being on winter break now gives me time to focus on Japanese language study and incorporate WaniKani into my daily routine. My hope is that by the time spring semester starts next month, I’ll have a good regular routine to keep up with lessons and reviews.

Many thanks to WaniKani and the WaniKani community!




Welcome back!


I restarted (for like the billionth time) recently as well. May your studies go well! :smiley:


as someone who has restarted multiple time good luck. But at the same time I do not think going back to level 1 is the best answer either.

Kick some Kanji butt!


Recently reset myself! I’m in the middle of level 2 now. I’ll race you! :joy:

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I restarted a few months ago–I had previously been level 26, before a lot of difficult things happened in my life and I stopped for around 2 years. I was on the fence about resetting for a while, because I was proud of how far I had gotten, but to be honest I’ve found it fun and refreshing going through it all again. I don’t regret my decision at all! I find I can recall a decent amount, but there’s a lot I didn’t remember particularly well, too. It feels easier than the first time, but it’s not always a breeze.

頑張れ! I hope your studies go well!


good luck!
Welcome back! Hopefully this go around will be better for you.
keep chugging along with your lessons and reviews!


Good luck!!

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Thanks for the encouraging replies!

I’m excited with this restart and grateful to learn from others who have been down this path.


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Welcome back, I reset to lv 1 a few weeks ago, I’m starting to need to read the mnemonics for the kanji now :smiley:

Also just bought the lifetime membership during sale :stuck_out_tongue: so good luck to both of us

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It’s been a month since I reset, and I’m glad I did.

This has been my winter break, so I’ve been able to clear my schedule to devote to WaniKani and Japanese study. I found the first few levels to be fast going, which was encouraging. I feel like I’ve made good progress, but most importantly for me, I’ve made WaniKani a part of my daily routine.

I also recognize now that I need to do more reading to reinforce what I’m learning. So, based on helpful suggestions in other topic threads, I’m on the lookout for reading materials at my level to help with this. I didn’t implement very much in the past when I made it to Level 17.

So, for those who, like me, fell out of regular studying with WaniKani and faced a massive stockpile of reviews (I had more than 1,800 when I reset), you may consider resetting. This has worked for me. I feel like I’m on my way, and it’s a good feeling!

Good luck, everyone, with your Japanese language adventure.

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Hi there!

I restarted recently, too. I was level 18 but 3 years passed. At first I regretted it and thought that I could have gone through the thousand reviews and let the SRS do its job. But now that I am on level 3 I must admit I already forgot many onyomis. I think it is worth it. Also, it’s a great way to refresh vocabulary.

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Welcome back :slight_smile:

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I feel the same way. I breezed through Levels 1-4, but I’m having to work harder for some parts of Level 5 and Level 6. I think going through it again has two distinct benefits for me – 1) I gain confidence for the radicals/kanji/vocabulary I do remember and 2) I get a chance to relearn some things, laying a good foundation for what’s to come.

Good luck on your restart.

Thanks very much!

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