I just reset back to level 1

And I just read about the level 15 curse, which was the level I was at before I quit using wanikani for 2 and a half years.

Here’s to second chances.


I’m not to level 15 yet, but I’m rooting for you. Sometimes a refresh (or reset) is good in life.


Indeed, especially in this year. This will be a nice way to start the new year, getting back into the groove of studying Japanese.


Well that didn’t last long :frowning:


I reset to level 10 down from 23. I just went from the point at which I had burned most of the items. Resetting to level 1 is like a kick in the teeth because surely, you haven’t forgotten the most basic of kanji. Plus the first 3 levels are slower than normal.

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lol, indeed
Here’s yet another attempt. Whatever goes. What’s unfortunate is that I already know the majority of kanji up until level 30. Life, finances, and other crap just keeps getting in the way.

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