A thread for people who've reset their level to 1

I thought I’d start this thread for us resetters, if there are any besides me xD
So well I’ve been on level 6 but inactive for almost 2 years, naturally I don’t recognize most of my kanji let alone radical names anymore. So I pushed the red button of doom!!
So maybe let’s try to support each other so that we hopefully never have to reset again :smiley:


Similar case with me, only I resetted from lv 4 or 5 after 1-2 year hiatus
This time I wont be hiatus anymore and reach higher

Maybe lv 6 this time


Hi~ Yeah, I got to the level 14 a few years ago, then got bored and started learning other languages. Now I’m back and reseted to level 3. :’)

I’ve been learning Japanese for about 10 years now but sooo haphazardly. I keep taking breaks and hence forgetting what I’ve learned and yeah. I love Japanese so much, though and find a lot of beauty in kanjis but I’ve honestly never gotten past JLPT N3 with them. D: Why is the human brain so forgetful lmao.

For now, I’ve found my motivation again! Let’s see how long this lasts. :'D Hoping to achieve a personal record and get past level 20!

Cheering all of you on as well!


I was at lvl 14 and didn’t do it for about a year or more. Had over 1k in reviews and tried but forgot a lot. So I had to reset. This is my second time as I did it for a while then stopped, but now back. Enjoying it again and my motivation… to read some of the Japanese books I bought a few years ago.

I’d love to join your guys’ discussion also. I haven’t reset but feel like I’m in a similar situation because I have studied kanji in the past with an SRS method, but forgot it all and I’m back at it again.

Me too! I got to about level 11 before having to take a break because of university and stuff. I reset about four months ago and now I’m past where I used to be! It’s a really satisfying feeling.


I have to say it. I can’t stop myself.

“Resetted” isn’t a word.

I feel better now.


@Ryouki Thanks! So the past form would also be reset? Or is it just a "t"
too much? Not a native speaker so I am always grateful for help :slight_smile:

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Yes, the past form is reset. Set also stays the same in the past.


WaniKani Forum, where you learn Japanese as well as English


Yep, as Leebo mentioned, it’s just “reset”. :slight_smile: :+1:

English is funny sometimes, for sure.

Now that we got that out of the way (lol), I actually have reset my level back to level 1 closer to when I first started but I believe I had only made it to level 4 or so before making that decision.


@Ryouki & @Leebo - Came here to say the same thing!

That said, I did reset to level 1, recently.

You made it! :smiley:


I didn’t reset all the way back to level 1 because I memorized a lot of kanji/radicals, but I DID go from level 32 all the way down to level 8. Ahaha, it was a painful decision, but it’s nice to refresh on the radicals, and I’m breezing through the lessons so far. Hopefully won’t have to re-learn everything at a normal pace for another few levels.

I pushed too hard on leveling, did all lessons in a sitting, didn’t find time to do vocabs during Easter and ended up doing several hundred in a day. This affected how well I learned them, and each time the big batch returned to review I remembered less. Pushed on for a few more level until I gave in and reset.

I was just hours away from last review to level 20. Could have reset to lvl 10, as the bad reviews started at 11, but decided to go all the way back to 1 and start over. It was summer holiday so I wanted to “take a break”, and the first few levels feels like a break when you already know them :wink:

Still cruising through “Easy Land”, with very few mistakes =)
And I do 10 lessons in a sitting, and 2-3 sittings in a day. Making sure reviews are zero before lessons as well.


After I got to level 2 and was forced into level three I realized
I really had no idea how to actually use the program. So after writing to tofugu and asking a dozen questions I realized what an idiot I am. I also felt alone and misled in this strange wanikani world where they burn turtles. So i said fukkkthis and jumped off. Really wish How to Learn Kanji was available before I started. Even though we all get dissed. Not bitter. They use こうto explain some of the earlier items. Should be 見世女郎. Just saying, K?

I was previously on level 17 but, after a hiatus caused in part with graduating college and starting a new job, I stopped doing reviews and lessons for a little over 2 years. I keep thinking about how I could have finished WaniKani already if I had kept going, so now the goals are to beat my previous level and then finish. We can do this!

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I joined in Oct '14 and got up to level 3ish but was so busy with graduate school that I stopped trying to learn japanese. Went back on here in Dec-ish and reseted to start fresh. I’ve been seriously committed to learning japanese since last winter. It helped that I went to japan in feb and made friends with locals- that just fueled my desire. :star_struck:

I was on level 5 then took a really long hiatus and when I came back I just reset back to 1. I’ve since climbed my way back up to level 4 and this time around I’m taking a different approach to doing my reviews so I don’t feel so overwhelmed.

I was on lvl16 but because of work and other commitments my reviews were building up and becoming a real block for me psychologically. Once I got to 1000 reviews I realised I wasn’t remembering meanings or readings and I was making no progress. I’m back on lvl 2 and loving the ability to knock over a set of reviews and remember the kanji correctly!