How many times have you reset your level?


Yes, I completely understand what you mean about overcomplicating things!

When I first started WK two years ago I only used it on AlliCrab. Then, I started over, joined the forums and was opened to a world of overrides and mods I never thought was possible. I guess, you could say I was overexcited about it. To me, it felt like it was doing more harm than good. So, I decided to just a few scripts such as the pitch accent info, stroke order, mistake delay and progress information. :ok_woman:


As long as you are honest with yourself while using the scripts, it shouldn’t negatively impact you. Unless of course you just completely stop doing vocab lessons or something like that.


Most people don’t install scripts going, “I’ll totally abuse this.”


But I installed the override script going, “I’m going to abuse the shit out of this!”


True. But in any aspect of independent study, it’s important to be honest with your learning. You should be able to realize if you’re abusing or not. If you’re the type of person that can’t resist abusing, then sure, just don’t use scripts. But I, personally, was able to realize when I was misusing scripts and have since fixed that behavior and I’m back on track. And I wouldn’t have enjoyed my time here as much as I do now with the particular scripts I chose for quality of life improvements. Saying “Just don’t use any scripts, ever”, as a blanket statement for anyone here, seems silly.


Then I am disappointed that you’re not 60 yet. Hurry up and get access to MYSTERIOUS SECRET FORUMS


But I’ve decided to stop at 59 so I can be like @polv!


Me just now: from 26 to 16!


I have reset once, from 20 back to 1. I didn’t have enough time over easter to do the vocabs, but my addiction and urge to level is too hight to stop everything, so I kept leveling. Then I did ALL vocabs over one weekend, as well as all the reviews. I burned myself out completely.

I am in a similar position again, after being sick throughout all of December and still not quite back on my feet again. I’ve been able to fight the reviews enough to keep it under 1000, but the vocab lessons are growing.
But this time I will just relax about it. There is no rush! I will do them spread out, starting with the oldest first. If I go from my normal 30 lessons per day, which also left me with days with none, and up to 50 lessons per day they will go down rather quickly and without huge masses in reviews. And if my reviews get too much, do them first, wait with new lessons.

I have already decided to go back through all items at least twice. I will reach lvl 60 and burn and at least enlighten everything, and then start unburn level by level (they start at guru I believe, so doesn’t take much, unless you have forgotten them and they fall down in apprentice. )
Originally I wanted to go lvl 60 and reset to 1, but find unburn to Guru a better option. No strong urge to level, pushing me to hurry more than needed, can just do as many items as I feel comfortable.


I haven’t, and don’t expect to, reset, but this is pretty close to what I’m planning to start doing after hitting 50 in the middle of this year: every weekend, audit old items and if there’s anything I can’t still recognise at a glance, mark it for unburning, then divide that set and flip the switches as the week goes on.

It should keep the workload from drying up until I start the march to 60 next year, without being too overwhelming.


Hey, welcome back :heart:


I’ve reset once. I made it to level 9, got plain lazy and just couldn’t get through my 700 reviews. So I reset to 2 and have just now made my way back up! Now I make it a point to do WK daily, even if only for a half hour.


Lol, I may have worded that poorly. I meant " if (you think it will benefit your learning) and (you wont abuse it), use it". Obviously the abuse part is something that most people wont guess will happen. While there are a few bad apples out there, for a lot of people scripts are an entirely positive experience.


I’ve reset once from level 8 to level 1. I’ve had a rough year last year with full-time job + evening and weekend classes (+ a shitload of group project)…All in all I stopped Wanikani, and more generally Japanese because no time…And once I passed (yay!), I got back to WK and was really scared by ma review pile, which didn’t really encourage me going back.
But then I went to Japan to study Japanese in August, and registered for Japanese evening classes when I got back to Belgium, and thought “Since I’m getting a fresh start on Japanese, might as well get a fresh start on WK as well”. Hopefully I won’t let life stop me anymore and I won’t have to reset again (fingers crossed!).


So far I find that I’m enjoying WK better the second time around compared to when I started two years ago, especially because lessons are now ordered (first vocab from previous level, then radicals from current level, then kanji from current level). Two years ago it was all random, so you’re never sure when you’ll get the radicals of the current level.


Huh, I’d been away so long, I didn’t even notice that change! It makes a lot more sense that way for sure.

I myself reset upon returning this new year, after about 4 years or so away from WaniKani and two of those years away from studying Japanese all together. I reset from level 21 down to level 6 and have found levelling up fairly easy-going so far, though I’m still taking my time. I surprised myself with how much I remembered, and perhaps I needn’t have reset so low, but I suppose I needed a refresher no matter what.


Don’t worry too much. If you find yourself remembering a lot of kanji from 4 years ago, you’ll get back to level 21 in no time at all.


Reading this thread reinforced the idea of never using scripts. I really don’t understand why people skip vocabulary. It’s much more important than kanji itself. I frequently add vocab terms not included in wanikani to an anki deck when I learn new kanji.


Then you’d be fine using scripts.


I use scripts to make my reviews harder, thankyouverymuch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: