How do reviews work?

So, i am pretty new to WaniKani and am a little confused about how reviews work.

  1. How do reviews stack up? I know that they come slower at the beginning but i hear of people getting 200 reviews every day and don’t know how that works. once a review is available, does a clock automatically start counting down until its time for the next one?
  2. Do reviews cover only the lesson you are on or everything you have learned so far?


  1. Yes. If you go to the items you have learned and scroll to the bottom, you will see when your next review of that item will be.
  2. They cover everything you have learned so far.

Awesome, Thank you!

So you do a lesson of an item, and then that item gets put on a schedule. You won’t have more items than you have done lessons for, so a basic way to control the amount of reviews, is to pace your lessons.

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Also, every time you get the review right, your waiting time between reviews for that item becomes longer. It scales like this:

Apprentice 1 → Apprentice 2: 4 hours
Apprentice 2 → Apprentice 3: 4 hours
Apprentice 3 → Apprentice 4: 1 day - 1 hour
Apprentice 4 → Guru 1: 2 days - 1 hour
Guru 1 → Guru 2: 1 week - 1 hour
Guru 2 → Master: 2 weeks - 1 hour
Master → Enlightened: 1 month (30 days) - 1 hour
Enlightened → Burned: 4 months (120 days) - 1 hour

Also, for the first two levels, your Apprentice SRS periods are halved.

To get a grip on how many reviews you’ll get and when, have a look at the Ultimate Timeline:


Yeah, every item you do lessons for has a timer for reviews. The more you answer correctly the longer and longer the interval becomes, until the last interval of 4 months, after which the item is “burned” and no longer appears in reviews. People who get hundreds of reviews get them because they do a lot of lessons in a short period of time, or they let the reviews pile up by not clearing them regularly.

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