Putting Wanikani on a back-burner

I’ve done no lessons for a week or two, I have only 75 items in Apprentice, but I’m still getting 125 reviews a day, how do I bring that down?

I don’t think you can go way lower than that, unless you Enlighten/Burn the majority of your items before finally moving on, though that could time… depending on how accurate you are with reviews.
I don’t think 125 reviews per day is that bad though. Just do like 1 session in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 1 in the evening. It should work out fine.

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125 is a normal number. Space out your review sessions over the whole day if you can.

But you can lower the review count by increasing your accuracy. Make full use of the mnemonics and devote extra time for your critical items (like 期待).

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Keep doing reviews and also never get anything wrong.

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You can visualize level/SRS level with reorder ultimate, and see the reality.

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It takes a couple weeks for you to really start noticing the difference. So you should see it start to slow down soon @Franken. Just keep getting them correct and it’ll slow gradually.

I switched from a 10-day level to a 15-day level and it took three levels to actually notice a difference.


I wish!

I don’t understand what you mean.

I think it was in reference to the ultimate timeline script.

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Once you stop doing lessons, there is a lag before your workload gets less. Items have to percolate upwards through the levels where they’ll be asked less and less.

As a member of team taking it slow, I’ve slowed down my Wani Kani and then increased it again several times. I actually keep a spreadsheet which I update once a day that shows my apprentice, guru, master, enlightened, and burned items, and then it calculate my total active items (everything but burned) and my total items (everything including burned).

This may seem elaborate, but I’m sorta a data geek. And this give me an idea of where my review load is heading and helps me to determine if I want to speed up or slow down. The apprentice and guru column are the most important determinant of that. But if you’ve just slowed down recently, you probably have a lot of stuff in master and enlighten that is adding up.

Also, if you have an iPhone, you can install the AlliCrab app, and it shows you in advance how many reviews you are likely to have each day in the future, so you can see how long it will take to get down to a manageable level.

I should have explained more clearly.

This can be shown on mouse over. Also works on Lessons.


I get the general idea, but I’m not clear exactly how you propose to use that information.

Not got an iphone, damn, that sounded interesting!

I’m down to 77 tomorrow, but I have 168 to do. Guess if I do them all my reviews number will increase. I’ll do a few and see.

oh great, I now have 20 more in apprentice than I had before!

If you use the reorder script i would suggest doing the vocab from your lower levels first - as the mnemonics from those should help you with voc that may appear in your later levels. focus on clearing off the earlier levels when you do your reviews then working up to the newer ones to get your srs more distanced

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I recently took a couple weeks to let me reviews chill. I’m down to 14 apprentice and there are only a few dozen reviews a day now. As long as you can get things into Guru that will slow things down quite a bit for you, then once you’re ready get back onto doing lessons.


If you use the ultimate timeline it will show you all your reviews laid out up to a week.

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I’m not alone xD After every review (once to thrice a day), I enter the numbers. I did that after I slowed WK drastically. I had to do that, because the workload was overwhelming. My problem was that I did some levels in a row in ten days per level. While it was awesome to see the level increase at a fast pace, when I had hundred+ reviews twice a day, the fun stopped. So, I decided to just do the 100 most urging reviews per day for several weeks and I was up at more than 400 reviews at one time. When you want to do WK fast, be sure to devote extra time to your leeches, so that the complete level is learnt at roughly the same time. Recently, I levelled up again after 113 d at the previous level ;D

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Ideally, how many reviews do you want to do per day? Do that many reviews per day.

Keep up with your lessons, do like 5 or 10 a day.

Most importantly, you haven’t done any lessons for a week, and have 75 Apprentice Items? Try really committing the Apprentice Items to memory. Write them down, post them on your wall, write sentences with them in it, do something, because what you are doing right now isn’t working. I personally like to write down all of the items I get wrong during my lessons.

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Dude what kind of percentages are you getting.