Review Mechanism Logic


Is there logic behind the review system ? it seems the more I practice, the more reviews I get. Just finished an 80 reviews session and bang 29 were added. Is the system based on the success rate of the last session ? last few days ? the more you do the more we give you ?

Should I do the review throughout the day or in a big bang ? what is the behaviour the system is built to support ?

For me it seems a bit frustrating (in contasrt for doing the set lessons and feeling “I’m done”).

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The reviews are on a timer of sorts.

Doing lessons or review sets the timer for the next review to some point in the future, depending on how far along you are in the SRS stages. Doing a lesson, for instance, means you’re going to get your first review in 4 hours. If you get that review right, you’ll see it again in 8 hours.

Every item you study has an associated SRS stage. When you study an item for the first time, it is considered to be at the level Apprentice 1. Getting an item correct in a review raises its level by 1. Getting an item incorrect in a review lowers its level (and the amount depends on its current level and how many times you got it wrong).

Every SRS stage has an associated time. The time between Apprentice 1 and Apprentice 2 reviews is 4 hours, for instance, according to the link above. This time increases as you get reviews correct. Once you’re at the level of Guru 2, for example, you won’t see an item again for two weeks. WaniKani just schedules your review timings based on this. That’s the only thing that influences how many reviews you get.

New reviews can be added every hour, on the hour, based on the timer associated with each item you study.

You can do whatever works best for you. It’s better to do multiple reviews throughout the day if you want to level up quickly because some of the early SRS timings are less than a day. That’ll also help keep your numbers low, because reviews will pile up over time.

You won’t be done with WaniKani until you’ve burned all the items, which will probably take years.


Have you taken a look at the user guide?

This section discusses how the review system works.

Although I would recommend starting at the beginning. Does not take long at all to scan through and will answer most of the typical questions you will have.


Thank you !