How can I increase daily review numbers?

My reviews numbers are very inconsistent, some days there are 42 and other days only 3! Often, it will show I have 42, then when I start it changes to fewer. I review once a day. Is there a way to set how many I get each day?

Each item is on its own schedule. When you complete a review for an item successfully, it levels up and the amount of time until it appears again increases on a defined scale.

Things do tend to be less consistent early on, because you just don’t have many items active. The more levels you complete the more consistent things will get, but there will always be some fluctuation as the amount will grow when you have a large amount of old items come back for their master or enlighten reviews, etc.

The 42 changing to some lower number thing just sounds like the page needed to be refreshed.

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Just to add to what Leebo said, doing the same number of lessons each day - rather than doing all lessons available and then having a gap of several days until more lessons are available - will help to balance out the number of reviews each day.


As the others have said, just give it time. Depending on how fast you go, you’ll eventually see yourself with something like 150 - 200 reviews a day. Cherish these peaceful days, friend – the reviews are coming.


Cherish the days where you don’t have many, it won’t last forever :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the advice, guys! After getting only 3 in my reviews earlier today, I did a few lessons. This evening there are suddenly 62 reviews - what the heck?!

If you get the Ultimate Timeline script you can just see when reviews are coming in graph form. It’s not a mystery.

I don’t really know what you mean by “suddenly” there are 62 reviews. How else should reviews appear? If it’s time for 62 items (a quite small number on average) then they appear.

I had 250+ reviews when I woke up today, just from the normal flow, I hadn’t let them sit or anything.

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Well good for you. Where is this wonderful Ultimate Timeline?

Edit: Leebo’ed


haha I win :3 <3

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Take some of mine, I got like 600+ rn.

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When I read your previous post, it sounded like you were complaining that 62 was too many reviews to suddenly appear. I had forgotten what the thread title was.

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You don’t need to increase the amount. You don’t WANT to increase the amount. It will soon skyrocket. Gee, when I only get 100 review per day I consider myself lucky! You’ll shortly have an average of 200 reviews per day :stuck_out_tongue: enjoy your free time till it lasts.

Other than this, absolutely get the timeline script! I still don’t know why koichi hasn’t implemented it natively, it’s like THE most useful tool you can ever desire. I don’t think there is a single individual thinking the opposite around here.

Edit: and obviously I was wrong the moment I posted the message :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually never tried it and I don’t see how it’s that useful. I just do my reviews as they show up. As for the “crucial to level up” items I just remember which hour they’ll appear. Not hating on the script or anything, just curious about why it’s so necessary.

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Ahahaha, don’t worry, I was also sure that the moment I would say it’s fundamental, someone would pop saying it didn’t work for them :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just how this things go.

For me when I started it was a great tool to visually understand the rules behind wanikani itself (you know, the generic rules behind how much a level lasts, etc.).

Other than that, I find it incredibly useful to define a comfortable workload, for instance, if I’m approaching the end of the level and I have, let’s say, 50 vocabs left to study, and the next day it’s going to be a long day in the office, I can see if it’s feasible for me to push the studying for the day after or not.

Another example (again, in my case at least) if I know I have 100 reviews in the morning and another 100 in the evening, I’m most likely to do them as they come. Otherwise, if I’m going to have 100 only in the morning and a pretty relaxed evening, I might just push everything to the evening if the day at work is not relaxed.

I might have oversold it in my above post :stuck_out_tongue: but I can say that at least personally I would be lost without :stuck_out_tongue:

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