What does your Reviews Timeline look like / How many reviews do you have?

There’s a lot of people who tell newbies that they should enjoy the slow start because they’ll be swamped by reviews sooner or later, so I was wondering: How many reviews is a lot? Feel free to post pictures of your Ultimate Timeline here!

If you don’t have the Ultimate Timeline userscript, you can get it here [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline , or you can take a picture of the amount of reviews you have right now! Here’s my Timeline:

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Set mine to 24hours to match yours. I guess I should maybe come back in a few days after I finish my reviews.


O H . Welp, good luck finishing your reviews!

179 wouldn’t be unusual for me. Right now it’s a bit less, but pretty spread out:

Whoops. :slight_smile:


I’m curious… how many of you use the Highlight feature of Ultimate Timeline to count the number of reviews within a range of time? I’ve never seen anyone post any images showing a range-summary, so I wonder if people are aware of the feature.


Had no idea it existed. :open_mouth:

I do! Though not very often.

I suppose I could use it to post my number of reviews within 24h excluding those already available

I don’t use the highlight, but I change the interval between 18h to 6h every day. As the day goes by, I reduce the interval.

I’ve used it now and again. :slight_smile:

I use it all the time.

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Here is mine

@Kumirei & @Dwarsen: I believe in you!

@rfindley : I use it almost daily! It’s very nice to have!

Up until level 7, I was getting around 60-70 reviews a day.

8-9, I’ve been pounded with 150+ daily

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It will only get worse until you start burning things 295787090669469698


I appear to have 35 Apprentice items.

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Yeah I am just getting back into the swing of things.

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I try to keep mine reviews under 100 a day. I couldn’t manage that well without the ultimate timeline userscript! I’ve got 99 reviews for tomorrow and ~550 for the week.

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I have about 150/day, and I expect this to rise over time now that Master -> Enlightened are coming back.

Based on how WaniKani works, I’d expect the # of reviews to be strongly correlated with the number of lessons you do each day and how accurate your responses are during reviews. I’m currently level 9 with 8-9/day level ups, though I expect things are about to become much more painful soon.

I generally have 100-150 a day. I know it can definitely be worse, but it’s daunting for me to see a number that high, so I usually use the ultimate timeline to break it down into manageable bits. Narrow it down to just the kanji and radicals, do those. Restart the review session, narrow it down level by level until I have max 30ish. Do those 30ish, start up another session, narrow down, etc.

Basically, making it seem like I have less at a time tricks my brain into making it manageable even if I’m doing the same amount over the session.