How to spread reviews more evenly

I have noticed when I wake up I get like 100-140 items for review and then during day every hour only 1-15 max. How can I spread this more evenly?

What decides when and what is in a review? Your waking and sleep schedule? Your progress?

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The only thing that determines what time something comes up for review is how long it’s been since you last reviewed it. Simply put, you’re getting all your reviews in the morning because last time, you also did them in the morning. Spread them out through the day, and when they come up again, they’ll be more spread out.



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Could you give a little more information? For example, are these reviews all from the same level, or from different levels bunched up into one review session?

Exactly as @Belthazar said, it depends on when you first studied or last reviewed them.

If you find it’s too much all at once, you can start spreading them out by saving some reviews to do later in the day (instead of bringing them down to 0 straight away), and having a max limit on new lessons per day.

This is what I’m doing for the next few levels, because 200 reviews at 8am is :sob:
I was too impatient in the early levels before items started coming back for Master/Enlightened/Burned reviews, so my lesson batches were waaaay too big and not “future-friendly”…


If you did for example 100 lessons during the same hour those will all come back in large batches. Limit yourself to like 20 lessons a day and/or spread them a bit to make it more even.

If you have no idea of the SRS system I’d recommend taking a look at My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

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Both. Some words or kanji I always get wrong, even after being right for some time. Then these show up at a single item review.

As someone else said, read the ultimate wk guide. You’ll find pretty much all the answers to your questions there. That said, the srs intervals are: 4h, 8h, 24h, 48h (guru 1), 1w, 2w (master), 1m (enlightened), 4m (burned).

Notice how the first two intervals (4h, 8h) are the only ones that change the time of day you perform your reviews. In other words if you do a lesson at 8am, then diligently do the 12pm and 8pm review, you’ll get every subsequent review for that item at 8pm.


Welcome to the co-meow-nity! You thought you could get away from our Introdurtles!

P.S. Read the FAQ and (more importantly) the Guide:


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Technically, all the later stages are 1 hour less than an even number of days. Which means that you tend to get large number of reviews first thing in the morning, or after any long period of not doing reviews, such as after work.

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he’s a beginner who I did not wish to open the floodgates of knowledge so broadly. こまかいことはきにすんな!


Even as a beginner, you’ll notice the effects pretty quickly, even if you don’t understand the intervals.

There are two main effects that cause reviews to pile up in the morning.

A) You have every review that would have been due during the night waiting for you. This is mostly only relevant if you miss Apprentice reviews or do lessons late at night, since otherwise, everything will just come up at the same time of day again (more or less) and thus you mostly shouldn’t have reviews due during the night to begin with.

B) If you do reviews on time, they’ll gradually get earlier and earlier in the day. If you do a lesson at 6 AM, it will come up for review at 10AM and then 6PM. So you have one review in the evening permanently, right? Not quite, because it will be at 5PM the following day, and then 4PM and so on. This means that even when you try to spread them out, reviews will naturally bunch up at the earliest times you do reviews (i.e. when you wake up and when you get home from work). The only counteracting force is if you miss an item so much that it gets down to Apprentice 1 or 2 again, in which case it will be moved 4 or 8 hours up the calendar.

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if it comes at 4pm, and your regular time is 6pm, just do it at 6pm.

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Thx. I have been doing reviews for about 6 weeks now almost on the clock regardless of the amount of items. I decided to only do review if it is 15 items or more. See of that works.

I sleep for about 6 - 7 hours and wake up to about 70 reviews (sometimes - usually, it’s less). 80 if I’m unlucky. And the next large batch (10 and greater) is usually 2 hours after I wake up, which would bring the count to around 100. That’s with just 20 lessons a day.

Just in case, since some users don’t know about it, there is a “Wrap up” button on review screen, and it allows you to do only 10 reviews at a time. So you’re not forced to sit thru the whole session, since it becomes tiresome and may affect your focus.

If you install ultimate timeline script, it will show you upcoming reviews, and you can plan it around your day:


I’ve been doing WK for a while, and I found out what this button does just last week.

An alternative to this, if the OP doesn’t want to install/use scripts, can be to go to Preview WaniKani and look at the Review Forecast


Thank you so much! This should be added to the main site immediately, I really miss that from the now-dead AlliCrab app.

Yeah if you do your reviews at the same time every day then you’ll continue to be able to do them at the same time every day.