Quantity of reviews as you level up?

I am approaching level 10 and I am sensing a solid increase in the amount of daily reviews. I would say the go from 200 to 250 a day at this point.

I am definitely not overwhelmed and can keep up nicely (for now!) by reviewing consistently throughout the day. However, I was wondering if this number is going to keep increasing as I level up?

I understand it depends on accuracy – I have a solid 90%+ on WKstats, with an average level up time of ~7d 10h (I do all lessons when available, I’m not new to Japanese so having background knowledge helps but I expect these to go down once I hit harder levels).

How many reviews do people have daily between, say, lvl 10~15+?


The number of reviews should increase until you start to burn items, which usually happens around level 20 if you’re going close to 7 days a level.

@Litehawk posted this a week ago; I don’t know where they got it, but you get the idea.


One wonders exactly what is on the vertical axis.


You’ll basically see a bump every time you start moving items into the next category (Master, Enlightened, Burned). If you do your reviews relatively on time, you should start to burn items and reach peak workload (assuming you don’t have some terrible accuracy crash) around 6 months in.

The actual number is going to depend entirely on how many lessons you do per day and your accuracy though, so I imagine it varies hugely from user to user.


In my case, I’m doing this slowly (like around 16 to 18 days every level), and I’m getting burned items now that I’m on level 8… go figure…

I get around 100 a day. I think that’s more manageable if you have a life. haha


Amazing – thank you!

Well at least it’s a gradual increase!

I think the y-axis is number of “active” items, which are unlocked but not burned. It means they could show up in reviews, but the majority is in enlightened, so they are just sleeping for a few months (I think graph got the colors of the items wrong anyway).

@Cesare I didn’t miss reviews for a longer time and I can’t remember doing more than like 200 per day, so it should stay similar to how it is now.


Well yes, but what’s the number, is what I meant.

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The amount of reviews you get should increase each time your start putting items into the next SRS stage. So, every time you start putting items in master, enlightened, and burned. It might also increase if you reach the fast levels and do them at a quicker rate than you were doing levels before. That, or whenever you increase your leveling speed.

At about seven days per level and a 90ish% accuracy you should be around 250 to 350 reviews a day. Half levels might even double that.

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You might’ve noticed this already, but the colors represent WK items: radicals (blue), kanji (pink), vocabulary (purple) and not their SRS level.

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Hmm what do you mean? I think it shows how many items are active, like 26 radicals, 18 kanji, 40 vocab for level 1, until they are burnt. Just counting stuff.

I understood the colors now, its radicals, kanji, vocab, at any SRS level except burnt (thanks @LucasDesu).

Edit: I currently have around 3000 “active” items, 2250 enlightened, so the axis should peak out at maybe 3500–4000.


I did a small “simulation” of WK, with 100% accuracy and leveling as fast as possible. Because of the perfect timing the curve is not so smooth (sometimes you have 500 reviews, on other days 0); the green line is the number of reviews averaged over a few days. Starting from level 6–7 you already reach ~200 daily reviews, and it only rises to ~300 at the fast levels (46+).

If you have a few mistakes or more sane timing your reviews will come more smoothly with a similar rate.


Nice to see I’m not even halfway in

Dat 850+ review day though…

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@xyzbuster what was your max reviews per day? I don’t see how 850 reviews in a day can happen to be honest. The maximum I got was around 450 reviews.

Somewhere in the 550s to 600s. That’s including items I had to do twice in one day (lower apprentice items) and HouHou. I did have a pretty low accuracy though; somewhere around 88% for vocab meaning; 91% for vocab readings; and 94% for kanji reading and meaning. Also HouHou added like 50 or so per day. (That I sometimes skipped)

Most days I think I had about 450 to 500 though.

Edit: Also, my apprentice was around the 300s by the end of it, which was double my apprentice around the normal levels.

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I m almost at the end level 8 but so far i have no burned items.:relaxed:

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One thing about this is that if you do find the “perfect timing” schedule that lets you advance a full level each week, you don’t have to do all the vocab right away since it doesn’t directly help you advance. (You obviously eventually have to do it because WK will make you do it before the next level’s radicals.) Because the reviews start landing on week-long intervals after you reach Guru, this causes the “500 reviews in a day after none the previous day” effect some of the posts are alluding to. Which is why I recommend staggering each level’s vocab lessons over at least a few different days, since not only is that sort of heavy schedule just hard to keep up with logistically. but making sure you have a decent amount of lessons each day also helps you keep a more consistent and engaging practice schedule that IMO helps with learning a lot.

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I could check what reviews you have to do that day, but I think it is a freak incident where you have lots of “level up days” with new kanji and vocab is showing up.

You get a new fast level with like ~150 items you review twice that day, and probably
Guru 1 – 150
Guru 2 – 150
Master – 100–150
Enlightened – 100

Just the perfect storm full of level up waves, it is as high as it can possibly get. But it may even depend on what time of the day you start on level 1, a small difference and one wave may hit on a less busy day.

If you try to spread out the vocab you will have less bursts, the number of reviews stays the same, so the averaged line should be a more realistic “full speed” experience.

I am lucky enough to be in a job where I can check my phone every so often, so I’m forever doing reviews in batches of 1, 2 or 3. But because of the timing of when I do lessons, I usually have the big batches of reviews come up first thing in the morning, and just after I get home from work. Because these are convenient times to do large batches, the large batches continue at those times of day. The morning one nicely collects all of the ones that came due overnight, as well.

Lately, I’ve been delighted to get batches of 50-70, where before I was getting 30-50. I’m only level 6 at the moment, so I guess that number will continue to rise for a little while. Still, I’m under no obligation to do more reviews than I want, so if the number gets too high, there’s nothing to say I can’t wait until a more convenient time.