Struggling to keep up with reviews after 3 month break

Bought a year membership for WaniKani at the end of 2020 and managed to get to level 27 last September/October ish. Ended up having a three month break since the membership expired and then bought the lifetime membership in January when it was on sale. Ever since then I’ve only been doing reviews but keep getting stuck between 400-600 reviews. I’m not to keen on resetting my level as I know I’ll lose even more motivation. Every time I see the review counter I’m just overwhelmed by the number and therefore getting less reviews done compared to what I would normally. I’ve tried using the ‘Prioritize Overdue Reviews’ script which has been useful but still isn’t helping with my level of motivation at the moment.

Are there any other suggestions or script recommendations people could suggest?

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Here’s one way to smooth out your daily reviews:

  1. Pick a number of reviews you can handle per day
  2. Do about 10-20% less than that per day

That should start scheduling those items you do in the same batches.

Should take a month or so but you’ll start to get close to your target daily review number. Once you do get close, see what apprentice count you’re at and aim to keep it around that numbers and try adding lessons slowly.

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Get the Ultimate Reorder Script, and use it to break your reviews into smaller chunks, starting with the lowest levels.

When I’m not feeling like doing a 70 or 100 reviews, I might take out anything from the current level and the one previous to cut the stack down.

Theoretically you should be better at the older material, so that will get it out of your review queue faster as well.


Thanks! I’ll give this script a shot now.

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I was in a similar state and what I did was halt all lessons until I cleared my reviews, and I did 10-30 reviews each time, 2-4 times a day. It tooks about a week but then I could continue. (note: this was around level 24)

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Talking about chunks, is there a way to customize the amount of reviews per session?

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You can use the wrap up button (i think the left onr) to tap out early. (I’m not sure if there’s something like a userscript that would do that for you at a specified number. There acutally might)


As Sumsum said, this button will limit the session to 10 more reviews. Just hit it when you are ready for the pain to end.


This is what I do. I’ll do 15 reviews per hour, hit the “wrap up” button and close out at 25. I don’t even care what the pending review number looks like. I’m more of a morning WK person, so I’ll start at 0600 and finish up for the day around 1500 at the most. Time/life permitting, of course.

If I have lessons, 10/hr.


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