Hello! And, when do my missed answers catch up to my total number?

Just started WaniKani today and I’m loving it. I did a bunch of months of beginning Japanese study a few years ago, and picked it back up with Rosetta Stone a month ago. I love Rosetta Stone, but it’s moving a little too slow for my liking, so I’m supplementing with some other online stuff like this site.

I got through my first 26 radicals in a few minutes, and then on my first review, I missed two of them.

So then two hours later I had 24 in my review. Then two hours later I had only two! The two that I’d missed, and that was all I could do at that point.

Please tell me that very soon I can do 26 every two hours (and eventually move on to whatever’s next) and not have to keep having only 2 every four hours!


Each item is on its own schedule. Each time you get an item correct it will be longer before you see it again, and each time you fail an item the interval will get shorter. Since you failed two items they are one SRS (spaced repetition system) level behind and will have shorter intervals.


WK snowballs.
If you work at maximum rate, you will soon have more than 100 reviews each day. Then you will have 100’s.
Each kanji is reviewed at increasing intervals. This is the nature of SRS. There is a knowledge guide on the Help tab on the app that explains things thoroughly.

Welcome to Wanikani!


Here’s more info on SRS systems: SRS: Spaced Repetition System | WaniKani Knowledge
And Wanikani’s SRS system: WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge

The fastest level-up times are a little less than 7 days total if you do each review for radicals and kanji as soon as they appear (and of course do the lessons as soon as they appear) (the first 2 levels are shorter - I think 4 days). But like @RoseWagsBlue said, it adds up pretty quick as you move up in levels. Remember it’s a marathon, not a race! That will lead you to success here :blush:

Good luck and welcome to WK! :crocodile:

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Wanikani uses SRS. The wait time is part of the learning. The idea is to stimulate your memory after a period of time. If it is stimulated right away the learning advantage is not that great. @hannah218 has posted links to how the SRS works. I encourage you to read this information because you need it to make the best out out Wanikani.

The delays seems long at the beginning because you still have not had lessons for a lot of items. This will not last. As you get more lessons the review workload will augment considerably. Be patient.

If after learning all this you are still hungry for more studying you can use scripts. They are third party add-ons that augments the features available on Wanikani. The scripts most suitable for extra studying are Self Study Quiz and Item Inspector. You may check them out and try them. Installation instructions are available at the links. Scripts will not accelerate the delay between Wanikani reviews but they will keep you busy while you wait. Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.

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Hi @tuzmusic, the first 3 lessons are notoriously slow. In a about a month you’ll have more reviews and lessons than you know what to do with! The most important thing is building up a habit of consistent study. That’s going to be far far more valuable than doing a couple more reviews right now. Focus on that and know that you’re building a habit.

For better visibility of your upcoming reviews you can use a script like “Wanikani Ultimate Timeline”, so you won’t be guessing when your next reviews are coming. [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

Language learning takes years, a couple of weeks of slow progress will feel insignificant when you look back.

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To answer the title question in very short and uncomplicated: they won’t. In slightly more complex (but not much), due to the increase of intervals described by other posters, it won’t ever be 26 items every two hours, unless you have 52 items in groups of 26 that you intentionally fail every time they come around, as soon as they come around, since the lowest SRS interval after the wait for the inital review is ~4h.
That being said, you don’t have to do reviews (or lessons for that matter) straight away as soon as they are available. you can wait for them, and they will build up into bigger sessions as more items become available and join the passively waiting review cue.
As far as I know radicals have reduced SRS intervals, and so do levels 1-3, so as you can see you’ve now had new content unlocked by the 24 items in guru (found here). There’s some more great info in The Ultimate Guide.
Also, since it’s your first time posting:
\textcolor{MediumPurple}{\huge \textsf{Hi}} {\huge \textsf{@tuzmusic}} \textcolor{MediumPurple}{\huge \textsf{!}}


It’s great to have you here!

If you haven’t already check out the Forum Guidelines and the Wanikani User Guide .
There’s also tonnes of things on the forums to help you on your way such as The Ultimate Guide, The Ultimate resource list, and API and Third Party Apps.

If you have any questions, check out this thread; but if this doesn’t answer your questions, feel free to create a thread like you’re done here, or email The Wanikani staff.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!

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