Waiting system sometimes excessive

Hi, i’m a new member of WK and i could be missing some point (though i’ve read all the faqs and the userguide) but i already had an issue.

I understand the waiting system, if i just learnt 26 radicals/kanjis it’s ok to wait about 1 o 2 hours, but i think it comes pretty ridiculous sometimes. Here comes an example of something that just happened to me right now:

I studied 26 radicals and missed 1, now i have to wait 1h (yesterday missed 3 and i had to wait 2h), after that waiting i will prove WK i know that and i will have to wait at least 1h again (and maybe 2h, like happened before), frustrating, don’t you think so?

My point is: I think it should be a relation between items studied and waiting time, 1-2h after a few items is so much time.

EDIT: I’ve reviewed it and now i have to wait 4h.

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This may help explain things:

Also, welcome! :slight_smile:


Beginning is slow, since all information builds on previous knowledge. You have to prove you know something before it unlocks something else, and with the “space” in spaced repetition, that means you have to show the system that you can answer something correctly even after some time (spacing) has passed. It speeds up as you add more cards to your review queue, though (approximately a week or two).

I guess you want me to read this point. If it’s the case i still stand my ground about this.

Thanks anyways.

just finished 250 review session

enjoy the slowness while it lasts


I can’t wait for your reaction once you review them again and have to wait for eight hours.

Leebo replying this gon be gud.


Wouldn’t you just be adding more reviews to the total if you inserted short waits? You need to eventually extend the final wait to 4 months, so what are you gaining from doing more 30 or 10 minute waits at the start?



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Eight hours!? LMAO

Ok, WK is definitely not for me. xD

Let me tell you the story of 6 Months

Gonna look for the progression chart and post it here.

Or any modern flashcard app apparently?


I can configure Anki to learn at my pace.

You modify it so that an item will never take more than 8 hours to appear in your queue again?

More reviews=More learning

It has nothing to do with pace really. SRS is about efficient study; if you’ll remember an item 8 hours from now why study it again after 2 hours?


No, that items will appear when it have to, but i can study some others meanwhile

as i just said, i can study some others meanwhile

Your problem is really only level 1-3 orientated… And these levels are fast and only take up like 3-5 days. You can go pretty quickly and have way too many reviews if you want to.

If your complaint is about the leveling/unlocking system, then the SRS wait times are a red herring.


Well… you can use Wanikani for kanji and anki for vocab… and what about grammar… what about talking with natives…


I’ll just say that while WaniKani is not perfect, it’s design is based on a lot of study and it’s designed the way it is for a reason. If you’re willing to just give in and sit down for the long haul, it’s probably the best way you’ll find to learn kanji.