New user. Looks promising. Review timer?

So up till now I have been using memrise to learn grammar and a couple other apps for kanji but this site looks great and I love the idea of a community aspect (which is being stripped away in memrise.) Looking forward to getting back into learning - been away for too many months!

What’s the deal with the review timer thing? I sort of just made an account and started doing the radicals but now there’s a 40 odd mins timer before I can review (and presumably progress further?)

Not really bothered but yeah, can pay to skip it or something?

Anyways. This looks awesome.

WaniKani works on SRS (it’s a spaced repetition system). That’s the whole premise of the site. You review stuff over progressively longer and longer gaps to test your memory.

So, no, you can’t pay to remove the core learning concept :slight_smile:


Since you’re a new user, I recommend reading the FAQ first. It anwers a lot of questions you’re bound to have.

Here’s the part where they talk about waiting for reviews:

I just finished my lessons. Why do I have to wait?

WaniKani has a very specific order. Each item builds upon a previous item, which means in order to unlock new things you must know everything before it. Because of this, the beginning can seem pretty slow. You’re building up a foundation.

In order for the SRS to be effective, you have to wait between reviews. Our goal is to make you review something right before you forget it as this is builds a stronger memory. The first set of radicals will probably take you 2-3 days (or less) to finish if you do your reviews on time. After this, you’ll unlock kanji. Then, the kanji should take around 2-3 days to complete. This adds up to a little less than a week of study time to complete the first level.

By the time you reach Level 2 or Level 3, the speed will begin to pick up. This slow start is making sure that you’re ready for the later, more difficult material. Think of it like a filter. If you don’t have the patience to get through the slower starting levels, maybe you don’t have the patience to learn all the kanji. Language learning is very long-term, after all.


Don’t be silly I am obviously not asking to remove the core learning concept. I understand this perfectly as I already learn via spaced repetition, however as a new user I finished the first set of radicals and now I can’t do anything else for 40ish mins. Thus I came here to ask if there was a way to skip it. Everyone is different, relax.

Thanks much appreciated I didn’t see that, taking a look now.

I guess the smiley face didn’t help the tone? This is just the… 10th time(?)… in the last few days I answered this question in one form or another. Sometimes it comes across as blunt, I suppose.


Don’t worry too much about it. Right now it seems slow as balls, but it give a few levels and before you know it you’ll be wishing it would slow down. The reviews will be near endless. WK will make you its bitch.


And don’t even think about taking a break!..
Well, I guess vacation mode is a thing, but…

Honestly on my crappy laptop screen it looked like a :neutral_face: but anyways it’s all good man, I should have read the FAQ first. I just wish I could skip ahead to the reviews for the first xyz levels to where things are moving faster but meh what can ya do. Back in an hour! :grin::grin:

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Lol sounds fine by me :joy:

I am ready for my slavemaster.

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