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Is there a website or app that allows me to make my own flashcards from a dictionary containing vocabulary? I don’t want to have to type in the question and answer like on Anki. I just want to be able to find the word in a dictionary or something then add it to a deck I can use for flashcards. Also I would prefer it if I could add sentences to a deck. I don’t care if I have to add sentences manually but I don’t want to add vocabulary answers manually.

I’m currently using Japanesepod101 to make flashcards out of words it has in the dictionary but the membership is quite costly so I would like to try something else.

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Among possible answers, https://kitsun.io/ allows to do this: you can use its interface to look up words on jisho and then add them to your deck.

If you are OK with Anki / AnkiDroid (on Android), I am using Akebi, as I can use choose an exact form (including Kana / no-Kanji form) to create a flashcard, as well as pitch accent can be exported.

Migaku’s (subscription-based) browser extension is one option that this functionality.

When you create a card, you can have it automatically add a dictionary entry, an audio reading of the word, an image, and a sample sentence. (Although I prefer to manually select them from given lists.)

Screenshots of creating a card from a word-lookup

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