Making sentence flashcards in anki

おはようございますみなさま❕ I just started using yomichan with anki to make flashcards to study with. the way its currently set up, its making 2 separate cards for each word; 1 for meaning, one for reading. I find this redundant when im reviewing and I cant find a way to make just one card for each word. Anyone have an idea? ありがとうございます!

I’ll show you how I set up my cards.

Full Japanese on the front
I’ll bold the word I’m learning and find an example sentence for it.
English on the back

Say if I learn the word 行く to go
I’ll go to to make sure I have the English translation right. Then I’ll go to weblio and get an example sentence.


I’ll go too

行く、いく、to go

Hope this helps!

It takes a bit of getting used to how Anki works. It has two names for things: One is “note” which is like the data that you put in (what is the reading, what is the meaning, anything else you want to be stored in there).
The other thing is “card” which is one unit of review, so to speak.

From one “note” Anki can derive as many “cards” as you tell it to. E.g. in my deck, from one vocab word that I put in (i.e. one “note”) I get four “cards”: One for English-> Japanese (for speaking practice), one for Kanji-> Reading+Meaning (for reading practice), one for Kana → Kanji + Meaning (for listening practice), and one for Kana + Meaning → Kanji (for writing practice). But the underlying information is only stored once, so there is no redundancy.
If you want more or fewer cards, you can just add or delete the card definition in the deck, and the matching cards for all words will be gone.

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ありがとうございますNicoleさん. your explanation gave me enough of an understanding to make my own card template. It looks like the issue i was having was with the premade “vocab” template I was using. Yomichan would auto fill it and add the unnecessary cards. I made my own and now I get exactly what i want :smiley:

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I saw the title and I only wanted to say:


That’s what I like so much about Anki :upside_down_face:

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