Looking for vocabulary anki decks in Japanese

Hi all
I wanted to ask. Does anyone here have an anki deck in japanese of vocabulary? Japanese as in explanations in Japanese, sentences, etc…
I started doing that with my own deck a month ago or so and have racked up some words but I won’t be able to read and add cards comfortably for a little while. I can still do anki though, so I was wondering if anyone could share their own deck. Or maybe if they know of one.

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Hmm, I got rid of my old one and my new one only has a few hundred words right now and probably contains a lot of words you don’t wanna learn so I don’t really have anything to share, but is there a specific non monolingual deck that would be a good example of what you want? Iirc I saw a thing awhile back that can mass add audio and monolingual definitions to cards and I could try to find that for you. I don’t think it would have sentences tho.

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No… not your old deck…! You are probably right about your new deck, too.
I don’t really care about the sentences. I just want the word and the definitions. If there’s sound, then that’s a plus but not a necessity.
Pleaseee pretty please if you could find that thing you’re talking about, it’d be of GREAT help.
Is it some kind of resource? How could I quickly make cards?

edit: fyi I was ready to tackle some 30k word deck I found but then it dawned on me that all of it was in English. I was like nooo, I will not go back to the ambiguity

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It was a plugin iirc. I’m heading home now so I’ll look when I get there.

I mean, my setup basically has me making cards as quickly as possible since I just click one button and it saves the sentence, gives me audio, and the English and Japanese definitions for the word. It also does pitch accent but I took that away to remove clutter. But if you have a premade deck and wanna add monolingual definitions, then yeah you’ll need that plugin.

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is it yomichan by any chance? I use that too, it is very convenient
It could be useful but I was looking for a deck that’s beefy already you see, I wanted one to possibly merge it with my current one

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Yeah its yomichan.

Ok I think this was the definition adder Japanese Definition Scraper from weblio Dictionary - AnkiWeb

and this was the audio adder anki-forvo-dl • Forvo Pronunciation Downloader (fully automatic) - AnkiWeb


ups tagged solution there
those plugins iare really cool, thank you so much
maybe i can fix something with them


Ok, so I came back to say something.
Even though you didn’t give me a solution, you gave me the tools for it.
I looked up the pluggins you pointed me to and the weblio scraper literally halved the work. I just needed to get the words in Japanese. So I searched something like jlpt1単語一覧表 on google and got a looong ass list. I looked up how to use csv to quickly create anki cards (in the same way as I have configurated yomichan) so as to use the weblio scraper. Then all I would have to do is let it work (hope it doesn’t freeze, might have to do it in batches), and then merge my deck with the new one and ommit any duplicates.
I haven’t actually done this yet but I think it is possible. So THANK YOU, you just helped me big time!!!

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